Things are winding down

The leaves are starting to change, the mornings have been a crisp 30 degrees, yes, fall is in the air here in western Wyoming. And our work camping season at Luton’s Teton Cabins is starting to wind down. The cabins officially close on October 10th, and we have guests right up until we close for the season.

Dan’s brother Gary and his wife Julia visited with us for a week. We were able to do a few hikes with them on our off days. Taggart Lake has always been a favorite hike of ours.

Jonell, Dan, Julia and Gary at Taggert Lake

The next day we did a long hike around Jenny Lake, with stops at Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. This is probably the most popular hike in Grand Teton National Park. To avoid the crowds on the way back down from Inspiration Point, we took the horse trail, and ran into about 6 people on the way down, versus hundreds on the way up on the main trail. The road less traveled always makes for a better experience!

Hidden Falls
Inspiration Point

While the view from Inspiration Point overlooking Jenny Lake is spectacular, so is the view facing the other direction, of the Tetons. This is why the hike is so popular.

The “other” direction

The Jenny Lake trail offers so many nice views.

The wildlife have been pretty active this month, and we did manage to see a good sized grizzly bear at a distance.

Due to the drought affecting the western states, Jackson Lake, which feeds into the Snake River, is being drawn down to provide much needed water for the farmers. This is a view from June of Jackson Lake, followed by a view last week.


In the six years that we have been here, we have never seen the water level this low.


All the boats in the Coulter Bay marina had to be removed by July 31. It just looks sad.

We are hoping the Tetons and surrounding areas will see record snow falls this winter, so the lake can get back to normal levels next summer.

Quote of the day: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

5 thoughts on “Things are winding down

  1. Makes you wonder what kind of booty the found under the docks when they drained the lake – kinda reduces the areas where the fish are, now doesn’t it? Are you headed to Yuma then for the winter?

    • Pudge – yes the bottom of the lake will be as clean as ever, because you can walk right out on it. The fish are happy, because no one can get out into the deep water! We will be coming to Wisconsin first, and then Yuma in December. See you in October


      • LOL! I’ll bet someone with a rolling kayak trailer could have a lot of fun after a bit of work to get out there! Excellent! See you in October, maybe this time, since I’m much more mobile, I’ll get to see the new rig:) How are Joan and Stu doing? Madge is rocking the Sinead O’Connor look like a boss.

  2. Great pictures !! So sad that the drought had a negative effect on that beautiful lake. Safe journey to your next destination ! luv ya !

    Jer ________________________________

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