Our Home

Our new home as of 12-1-20 is a 2020 Newmar Canyon Star 3513.

We purchased this 2008 Host triple slide truck camper to take to Alaska in the summer of 2020. Since the border to Canada was closed, we were unable to make the trip. It was a great choice to make the trip, but it was a little small to live full-time year round.

For our first six years of full-time Rv-ing we had a 2014 Heartland Key Largo, pulled by a 2011 diesel Ford F-350 King Ranch dual rear wheel truck.  We referred to our home as our camper, and the truck as the BAT mobile, since it is a big a#@ truck!

10 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Hi Dan and Janelle, I’m so happy that Joanie gave me your website so that I could follow your travels. It sounds like you’re having a good time and lots of wonderful times and making great memories.
    Marge Thoele

  2. I love the thought of Rving and have been watching several Rving channels on utube; My concern $60k for a tow vehicle. I read you found a “gently used diesel” can you share how you found the beast? You bought a ford: I’ve read that their older diesels could be problematic… Any observations?

    • Ray:

      You want to avoid the Ford diesels from 2003-2010 as the engines had many issues. Prior to 2003 the 7.3 liter diesel was a good engine. Our 2011 f-350 diesel dually has the current 6.7 liter Power Stroke engine which has received many good reviews. We bought our truck with about 25,000 miles and have been very happy with our choice so far. We found our truck by searching ads for about five months online in the Wisconsin area.

      Thanks for following our blog. If you have any other questions, please let us know. We hope you can find a rig and join us on the road!


      • Thanks for answering my questions… I’m sure you know A bad choice could be disastrous.

        All the best..
        Ray in penn

  3. Hi! I just subscribed to your blog. I am also a nurse but I recently had throat cancer-long story short haven’t/possibly can’t returned to work… But anyway my husband will be 62 next year and we want to do RV living also. Everything and anything you can share on how to prepare and manage life in an RV will be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Marty – We are very sorry to hear about your health issues, but glad you will still be able to go out an explore this country in an RV. We spent several years following blogs, listening to podcasts and reading some books. If you are not already following RV-Dreams, which has an enormous amount of information on their website. They also have 2 educational rallies a year. We have not attended the rallies, but I have heard many positive comments from people that have. You don’t need an RV to attend their rallies. Also, Chris and Cherie at Technomadia have a wonderful sight as well. We listen to two podcasts, RV Navigator (monthly) and Living the RV Dream (weekly). Both offer a lot of information. John & Kathy Huggins also have a book, So You Want to Be a Fulltimer, that is excellent. You can get that on Amazon, and the podcasts you can subscribe to on iTunes (free). We looked at RV’s for 3 years, before settling on our fifth wheel. Since we still need to work, we felt that was best for us, as we are usually in one place for several months. I hope this little bit of information gives you a place to start. Please feel free to ask

  4. Hi Dan and Jonell, I am Dan’s cousin, Lesli. First of all CONGRATULATIONS on making your dreams come true. I have been hearing boys and pieces from your mom about your travels and I am very interested in your whole lifestyle. I think it’s awesome. If you ever.swing through Mora, MN come look me up. Safe travels to you. Love, Lesli

    • It’s great to hear from you Lesli! We have enjoyed our four years of being on the road and we look forward to many more! Thanks for following along with our blog and hopefully our paths will cross in the not to distant future.


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