Our RV Accessories 

Plumbing accessories 
30 plus feet of Rhino flex sewer hoses with bayonet fittings
20 plus feet of sidewinder sewer hose support
A clear elbow to see sewer water clarity
A bayonet elbow to screw into 3 inch sewer drain on other side
A bayonet elbow to fit into sewer drain without a screw fitting on the other side
40 plus feet of potable water hoses including one 4’ potable hose
40 plus feet of regular garden hoses
Water heater rinser wand attachment for garden hose
25’ heated potable water hose to use when temperatures are below freezing
2 canister filters with a replaceable 5 micron filer and a replaceable carbon filter 
Garden hose filter
Brass y-splitter to connect 2 hoses to water spicket
Brass adjustable water pressure gauge with pressure read out
2 brass 90 degree elbows for water hoses 
Replacement washers and gaskets for hoses
Quick disconnect hose fittings
2 shut off valves for water hoses
A bayonet external 3” drain valve 
A shower/spray nozzle
Toilet treatment chemicals
Plumbing putty and Teflon tape
Disposable dump gloves 
Outdoor hand sanitizer by sewer dump
Electrical Accessories 
Electrical test kit with ground plug tester, current tester, and a volt-meter
50 amp to 30 amp adapter
30 amp to 15 amp adapter
15’ – 50 amp extension chord (rig has 25’ – 50 amp attached chord)
Extension chords of various lengths for 15 amp
Replacement fuses of various sizes
Rolls of electric tape

Other Accessories and Tools
RV 5th wheel lube plate
RV king pin lock
2 bags of Lynx levelers 
18: 2 by 12 squares for six leveling jacks 
Extra pieces and thicknesses of wood for leveling
Large outdoor mat
Small door mat
4 RV carpet step covers
Tent stakes
Storage bins and 5 gallon buckets
Air compressor – 8 gallon
Small finish nailer 
Staple gun
Torque wrench for tire lugs and springs
Various sizes of bungee chords and zip ties
Several ratchet straps to tie down loads, support awning, etc.
Tool Box with various sizes of screw drivers, wrenches, sockets, pliers, allen wrenches, etc…
Small sledge hammer
Small hand saw
Chordless drill
Pipe wrench 
Channel lock pliers
Filter wrench
Level 4′, 2′, and torpedo 
Wire stripper and wire cutter
Various sizes of duct tape and gorilla tape
Packaging tape with dispenser
Grease gun and grease tube for zerk fittings
Caulk gun and tubes of caulk
Silicone spray for hydraulic jacks and slides
RV and truck cleaners, wax, buffers, squeegees, shamees, poles, etc…
Grill, grill table, and propane tank for grill
Milk crates for propane tank and water filters
Various size batteries for remotes, fire alarms, lights, etc…
Outdoor recliner chairs and bag chairs
Bike rack and bicycles
Bike locks
3 in 1 oil for lubricating
Various sizes of nails, screws, nuts, bolts and washers
Various sizes of Velcro tape to mount pictures
Indoor/outdoor temperature reader
Outdoor solar lights
Spade shovel and a flat shovel
Picnic table cover with holder clips
Citronella candles
Lasko full circle ceramic space heater for inside rig
Circulating fan for inside rig