And God said…..

….shop at Amazon!!  Today I was going around picking the merchandise, and my scanner said “Communion Wafers”.  I paused for awhile, as I thought these came from some special store, but apparently not!!  I guess they really do sell everything.

Makena wants to know which one of her dog blog followers ordered the book “The Wonderful World of Squirrels”?!!  I picked one of those books today.  Makena would like to borrow it, so she can look at the photos!

Dan said he was ready to call Human Resources today, to see if I told them to make him exercise more.  He was pretty pooped out tonight, as he had to pick in all 3 buildings.

When we got home, Makena was ready to play football.  During the week, the tent site area is empty, so we have been taking her over there and letting her run around off leash…..shhhh, don’t tell the park ranger!

Monday thru Friday morning, the tent site area is vacant.

tent sites

tent sites

It is really a beautiful area, right on the lake.  During the week, this area becomes Makena’s playland;



RV’ers have a lot of pets.  Lucy has been trying everyday to get Makena to play with her.  She is very friendly, but Makena loves people, not other dogs.  Makena needs her cousin Reagan to come and visit to play with Lucy.  And Rudy can come down and chase all the ducks and geese that hang around the shoreline!

I just want to play with you!

I just want to play with you!


Quote for the day:  Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. – Roger Caras





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