Happy Halloween!!

This weekend at the state park was sold out, due to their annual Halloween festivities.  I knew it was going to be an interesting weekend when our neighbor came over and asked Dan for help moving his coffins!

Friday night they had a folk singer and a storyteller for the kids, plus hot chocolate and a bonfire.  Saturday was the big day for the kids.  In the afternoon, they had a lot of games and craft activities.  Plus a costume and decorating contest.  We had to work, but did make it home in time for trick-or-treat.  Makena wore her Packers jersey, and received many compliments.  We really didn’t know how much to plan for candy, and we did run out.  Duck Hunters seemed to be a popular costume for the boys, and there were two girls that dressed up as I-phones, and they had photos of each other on the corner of the phone (face-time!).  Very creative costumes.

At night they had a DJ playing music, and “spooky golf” in their mini golf area.  The big event for the adults was the decorating contest.  These folks really go all out with their decorating.  Enjoy the photos of some of the rigs:



Quote for the day:  “A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” – Erma Bombeck

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

    • No, these are local people that have campers and just go wild for the weekend! They come with their camper, and then go home and load up the truck and a dolly with more stuff. A lot of work for just a weekend!

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