7 weeks to go!

Yes, just 7 more weeks left of work at Amazon.  December 23 is the last day of work for the workcampers.  Today another group of 60+ campers started.  Next Monday, the last group of workcampers starts.  After that, this location will be hiring an additional 1200 employees from a temp agency.  So it will be getting quite busy and crowded at work.

Christmas is definitely around the corner, based on all the lights, ornaments, and Christmas CD’s and DVD’s that we have been picking this week.  And there have been a lot of new releases on DVD’s, as we have picked a lot of The Hobbit and the full volume set of Twilight.

The week of Thanksgiving, we will be off on Tuesday, and working on Friday.  All shifts have been adjusted, so everyone is working on “Black Friday”.  Should be interesting to see how that will work out.  After that, we may have 3 weeks of overtime.  Depending on the volume, we could be working 50 or 60 hours each week in December.

I finally found my pedometer, and have worn it the last 3 days.  Saturday I walked 13 miles at work, Sunday 12 1/2 miles, and today was a “light” day at 10 miles.  No wonder I am so pooped out after work!  I am doing a half marathon every day!!  I have lost 5 pounds already.  Dan has no comment on his weight loss!

We have booked a one month stay at a campground in Cedar Key, Florida from January 2 – February 2.  Other than that, we have not yet made any plans.  We will probably slowly meander down to Florida from Kentucky after we leave on the 24th.  Originally we thought about going to Texas to visit my sister, and then on to Arizona, but decided to go for the warm weather in Florida instead!

Yesterday we moved to another site at the State Park.  After November 1, Amazon workers are allowed to move wherever they want in the park.  We just had to wait for a couple from Lexington to leave, and then we moved to a lakefront site.

our new view

our new view


Thanks Amazon, for our free lakefront living!!  It is a nice, concrete pad with an extra pad for the picnic table.  But for some reason, we are now down to just one channel (the CW) on the TV!  We only moved about 100 feet, but lost the 3 Kentucky education channels.  I didn’t think I would miss TV, but I do.  One can only put up with so much “People’s Court”, which is what seems to be the only thing on.

We hope all is well with everyone.  If you thought you signed up for the blog, but have not been getting e-mails when we make a post, just sign up again.  There was a few days when it was not working, but seems to be now.

Quote for the day:    “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”  – Epictetus




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