Still plugging along….

The internet at the park has been down for several days, so I had to wait to make a new post.  We had been using our phones as a hotspot, but then we received a message from Verizon that we used 1.9 of our 2 GB, so we had to shut that down as well!

We are just strictly in work mode for now, no more playing tourist until we are done at Amazon.  If all goes well, we will be working 16 of the next 18 days.  We should find out in the next week what our tentative end date is for our workcamping job at Amazon.

Black Friday was a busy day for us, as well as Cyber Monday.  I had been averaging 11 miles of walking per day at work. On those 2 days, I hit 15 miles.  In our welcome packet that we received when we started, we had a sample of BioFreeze pain relieving gel.  Well that got used up in a hurry after this week!  We worked 5 days in a row, and had a restful Wednesday and Thursday off.  Our highlight of the week was getting propane, as we completely ran out.  (lesson learned:  running the furnace really sucks up the propane!).  We have since purchased a space heater from Amazon!

It was also nice to see the sun on Wednesday.  It is dark when we leave at 6am, and dark when we arrive back at the camper at 5:30pm.  We didn’t realize how much we missed seeing daylight, until we had our off days. Makena also enjoyed having us home during the daylight hours as she was able to get some extra play time outside.

We are now working 6 days in a row, as we have 1 day of mandatory overtime, and 1 day of voluntary overtime (for the workcampers).  The regular Amazon employees must do the 60 hours of overtime.  But it is only for 2 weeks, and we have a full jar of Icy/Hot, and a full bottle of ibuprofen ready for the task!!!

Another highlight for us this week was the arrival of Columbo: The Complete Series!  We have picked so many of that set, that we decided to order one.  The only problem we have with it, is that we are so tired when we get home we fall asleep while watching it.  It takes us about 3 days to get through one episode!  The set consists of 35 DVD’s of all 7 seasons of the tv show, as well as 23 made for tv movies!

Amazon had a job fair last Monday for the workcampers.  It was nice meeting with some employers such as Yellowstone Park and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Things to keep in mind for future years!

We hope all is going well for everyone!


Quote for the day:  “Just one more thing…..”  Peter Falk


7 thoughts on “Still plugging along….

  1. Thank you so much for your updates. I enjoy reading them. This is the time of year that I always looked forward to taking my patients to CT. Loved playing the game ‘dead or alive’ to Christmas music. I miss that very much. Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Karen! They don’t play much Christmas music on the radio stations down here. But I have been teaching others the “game”!! Have a great Christmas.

  2. Good hearing from you. Hang in there during these next busy, busy days. All well here in TX, although it is a little cool right now. One of our neighbors had a wonderful Christmas party tonight. Awesomely delicious food and drink. Miya says hello to Make a.

  3. Pudge says, “watching Columbo and quoting Peter Falk…you are old!”

    On another note, Pudge and Molly are going to the Packer game tomorrow–in a luxury suite. You couldn’t pay me to go. We had to bribe Molky to go. I’ll be home alone finishing the decorating!

    Order some Dansko shoes–you won’t have any pain!

  4. We definitely miss you all here at Camp Meyer. I have been training as a Customer Care Center Specialist for Johnson & Johnson products…Wow! This is a very intense subject coded, product coded position and identifying the calls as an Inquiry, Feedback, Product Quality Complaint, or Adverse Event has me on my toes. Sometimes a call can be all of the above or a combination and AE trumps PQC which Trumps INQ/FBK. Any one of these calls can lead to Secondary Contact Screens and All of them can lead to additional (must document issues)…Wow…my head is spinning. I think when i am done training i could get a job for a medical facility and code the calls as to what they are seeing a doctor about.

    Wish me good luck (skills) because I will be a wreck the first time i am on the floor taking calls. We get certified next week which means taking calls from each category and documenting the call correctly…Secondaries, Issues, Follow-ups and all.

    Douglas W. Meyer
    CCC Specialist (hopefully)…whoops i need to use “can do” language
    CCC Specialist

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