The End is Near!!!

Monday night we received an e-mail from Amazon with our end dates, by shift, for the workcampers.  The end dates are spread over 3 days, depending on your shift.  Our final day is Saturday, December 21.  We are the last of the groups to go, and we are happy that we will work until Saturday, as it will give us 20 hours of overtime this week.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is our off day.  We plan on getting everything ready for our departure on Sunday.  Amazon pays for 1 extra day on your campsite, so people do not have to leave right after working 10 hours.   As to where we will end up Sunday night, we are leaving our options open.  We can’t get in to the campground in Cedar Key, FL until January 2, so we have a week or so to wander around down south.  We have several campgrounds picked out in Alabama.  It will just depend on the weather and how tired we are.  We are even hoping we can watch a bit of the Packers game on Sunday.

It has been a pretty busy week at work, and they are always having contests every day in picking.  We have both won multiple gift cards for Kroger grocery store, Subway and Domino’s.  In addition, the vending service had prepared a chili and bake potato lunch for us on Sunday.  Candy canes were handed out on Monday, and yesterday Amazon had soft pretzels and cheese for the afternoon break.  They also had an attendance drawing for the workcampers.  One person won a Kindle Fire HD, and 9 others won Amazon gift cards.

Only 20 more hours of work!!  (My feet will be happy, as they are getting a little worn out from all the walking).  Actually 18 hours, as we have a “release party” on our last day starting at 3:00pm.  But we will be paid for the full shift.  Not really sure what they will do at the release party, so I will let you know.  We have already submitted our exit interview.  This was the first year they gave the questionnaire ahead of time to the campers.  I am sure they will get more thoughtful comments as a result.

Makena keeps running towards the truck when we let her outside.  I think she is getting anxious to move on as well!!

Quote for the day:  “My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s  ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.” Ellen DeGeneres



2 thoughts on “The End is Near!!!

  1. Dear Jonell,

    Sending you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes!! I have truly enjoyed reading all your entries! I have learned so much by all the experiences you have shared! I have definitely appreciated ALL the pictures, of most recent, the ‘Tom & Jerry’s’ (many past holiday family memories were recalled!)

    I look forward to following you in your next adventure!!

    Peace and blessings to you and your family,


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