Camper Crisis and hearing voices

I’m baaaack!

Hi there!!

Hi there!!

We have arrived in Florida, and my parents are busy cleaning out the camper and other odds and ends, so I thought I would do a post!

We are in Lake City, FL until Thursday, when we leave for Cedar Key, FL.  I did have a major crisis the other day, when my parents left to go run some errands.  They usually give me 1/2 of a small Milk Bone when they leave, which I love!  However, when they left, instead of eating the treat right away, I kept it in my mouth and ran to the back window to watch them leave.  Then I dropped the treat behind the couch!  Oh, it was horrible.  When my parents came home an hour or so later (hey, I can’t tell time), they knew something was wrong when I didn’t greet them at the door.  This is what they saw:



My mom looked under the couch to see what I was staring at, but didn’t see anything.  But I kept whining, so she got a flashlight and looked under the couch again.  I helped point out where my treat was.

I can't reach it Mom

I can’t reach it Mom

My dad remembered that the couch folds forward (it folds into an air mattress I guess), so they were able to reach my treat, and all was well with the world again!

For awhile, that is.  Then I kept hearing voices, familiar voices, but I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from.  I would run around the camper, barking, and then I would hear laughter from those familiar voices.  I asked my mom if this is why people go get a CAT scan?  She tried to explain that those voices were from the Face Time and Skype that they were doing with our families for the holidays!  I’m a dog, I don’t understand all this new technology stuff, but I know they both appreciated being able to see and talk with their family (even if Skype turned my mom’s family into purple and green blobs!!).

Other than that, I am really starting to enjoy this camper life.  We have been on the move a few times in the past week.  I know that when I get out of the crate in the truck, I am always at home.  Same bed, same location for my treats and dog food, just a different view.  I am really settling in nicely, and am enjoying the sunshine along with warmer weather!  I hope all is well for everyone out there!

I think my parents will start posting again when they get to Cedar Key.  If not, I will keep you updated!

Quote for the day: “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them”  – Phil Patoret









6 thoughts on “Camper Crisis and hearing voices

  1. If you’ve never been to Cedar Key before, (I have been several times) prepare yourselves for some incredibly beautiful sunsets!! Also, a nice little trip to Shell Mound park would be in order as well….not much there, but rich in history, and some great views!

    Safe Travels……..

  2. Hi Dan & Jonell, and of course Makena – we loved reading your latest post. Makes us laugh to hear it from Makena’s point of view. We will be in Crystal River from Jan. 12-18 and plan on coming to Cedar Key the nights of Jan 18-19. Look forward to seeing you then! Gayle

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