Greetings from Cedar Key, FL

We arrived in Cedar Key on the 2nd of January, in a rather chilly, rainy day.  As with the rest of the country, it has been colder than normal here.  Today has been the nicest day, but Tuesday night it will dip into the 20’s, but it should be back in the “normal” 70’s by the end of the week (we hope!).

Sunset Isle at Cedar Key

Sunset Isle at Cedar Key

Sunset Isle

Sunset Isle


The park here is small, but is full of friendly people.  They have a small clubhouse, and have nightly “jam sessions” for anyone that plays an instrument.  Last Thursday there were 3 guys on acoustic guitars, a banjo and slack guitar player, a violinist and a gal with a Peruvian drum, that looks like a box, but has snares inside, so it sounds just like a regular drum.  I know my brother Jerry, and brother-in-law Doug would fit right in with this group of talented folks.  (and George, there was a lady playing the spoons that would give you a run for your money!!)

We met up with another couple whose blog we follow, Chris and Cherie of Technomadia (  We have learned a lot from following their blog, and they are great people.  Saturday they did a live, video streamed presentation on the lithium batteries that they use to power their 1961 bus conversion that they live in.

We also drove into downtown Cedar Key, which many people describe as Key West 50 years ago.  Kayaking, fishing and bicycling are the main things to do here.

low tide - lots of mud

low tide – lots of mud

Given the weather, we have not spent much time in town yet.  Since we will be here for a month, there is no rush to do anything.  The tide did not come in on Friday, as the wind was coming in from the North.



They have a lot of boat tours and fishing charters, but we will wait until the weather is a lot warmer, so we don’t look as cold as these folks on the boat!!

Today there will be a get together to watch the football games (hosted by a 49ers fan!).  We hope everyone stays warm and safe the next few days!

Quote for the day:  “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”   – Dr. Seuss  The Cat in the Hat



3 thoughts on “Greetings from Cedar Key, FL

  1. Good luck tonight on football….wondered if you would join the 49ers party. We will also be cheering for GreenBay. Alabama will break a record of 18 years as will be 5 degrees tonight with 3″ snow tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to leave Tuesday as planned and head west to Texas and Arizona where it is much warmer! Enjoy your time in the sun.

  2. Great blog, and pics !! I’m getting the Fla. itch , but won’t be coming down until the fall😢 ! Hey Mckenna, , Stay away from the water, no matter how good it smells by the shore !! Gators would love to have you over for lunch !!

    Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 17:13:54 +0000

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