Downtown Cedar Key

Cedar Key is a very low-key, relaxing place.  Some days are best just spent relaxing, which is what we have been up to this week.  On Wednesday we drove down to Crystal River, and had lunch with 24 full-time RV’ers.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to talk with everyone, but did get to see Karen, Al, Phil and Rudee, fellow Amazon workers.  We also met several couples that have been on the road for close to 10 years.  When Dan asked them what they would do differently, they all said “start earlier!!”   This is a common theme that we hear from others, and one of the many reasons we decided to do this now, instead of waiting until we “retire.”

Thursday we met a group of folks from this campground for pizza at the Tiki Bar that is just down the road.  It was started by another Rv’ing couple that came to Cedar Key four years ago, fell in love with the place, and then decided to stay.

And of course, we took time to watch the sunset again.  It just never gets old.


Friday we decided to take Makena for a long walk, and went to downtown Cedar Key, which is just a short 1.5 mile walk from the campground (anything under 10 miles is a “short” walk for us after working at Amazon!!)

Here’s some photos from our walk.




hmm, a nice snack

hmm, a nice snack


Quote for the day:  “Peace is seeing the sunset and knowing who to thank.” – author unknown


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