RVillage is up and running!!

You check into your campground, get all set up, and then what?  Some campgrounds will give you a list of activities they have planned, or brochures for attractions in the area.  But how do you make connections with your new neighbors in the campground? What if you are looking for someone to go golfing with, or watch your favorite sport’s team? Maybe you play an instrument and want to get together for an impromptu jam session.  Need someone to go hiking, biking, geocaching, or whatever interest you have with?  What if the park has no activities, but you want to meet up with your neighbors, but don’t have the time to walk around hoping people are outside and you can stop and chat?

A new website has now been launched that we believe will quickly become a favorite for those who love RV’ing and/or camping.  It doesn’t matter if you have a tent, or a fancy motor home.  Welcome to  http://www.rvillage.com, a site created by RV’ers, to connect with fellow RV’ers wherever you are (in the United States and parts of Canada for now).

When we were staying in Cedar Key, FL for the month of January, we were invited to join RVillage as Beta testers, which is a fancy word for people who could access the site and try out the features and report any glitches.  We were quickly impressed by what this site could do in making connections on the road.  For those that know us, we have never joined Facebook under our own name.  We only joined so we could see what others were doing, and stay connected with relatives, friends, and some of the groups that we were a part of.  We were always concerned with privacy issues, and the fact there seems to be a lot of junk on the site. We have no concerns with RVillage.  RVillage is designed to get fellow RV’ers together, face to face, for activities.

If you are an RV’er and you do sign up for an account, you can search for us by ‘Dan and Jonell Anderson’ and look at our page and perhaps send us a friend request!

When you go to the website, you sign up for a free account, and then you can create your profile.  When you enter a park, you sign in to that park, and you can see if any other members of RVillage are in that park.  You can also keep track of where your friends are staying, and where other members of the groups you belong to are staying, in case you want to plan some get-together.

We feel this website has so much untapped potential, and will continue to grow as word gets out.  To get a better idea of this website, please read Chris and Cherie’s (Technomadia blog).  They have an excellent article describing more details, as they were instrumental in getting this off and running.

The best part of this lifestyle is meeting so many people from all walks of life.  Everyone has a story to tell, and RVillage will really open up the floodgates when it comes to making connections on the road.  Please join in!

Quote for the Day:  “It’s fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well.” – Ethan Zuckerman (director of the MIT Center for Civic Media)


We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to comment.

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