A Winter Wonderland??!!

Once again, this blog is being interrupted by Makena…who occasionally likes to write about RV life from the dog’s perspective

Keeping my peeps informed!

Keeping my peeps informed!

I woke up this morning and my mom was staring out the window, mumbling.  In my seven short years, I have learned that is never a good sign.

But first, a little background.  We left warm and sunny Florida on Wednesday, April 9 and I happily took a nap in my kennel in the back seat of the pickup truck, dreaming of more places to play.  We seemed to stop every few hours for potty breaks, but then got back in and kept driving and driving.  Three days, 1480 miles later, we arrived back at my most favorite place, “Camp Meyer” in Hortonville, Wisconsin.  Several acres of nothing but green grass to room around and play!!  And, unlike most campgrounds, I am allowed full access to the “clubhouse”!  Sometimes I even take a nap on the owners bed.  I really appreciate Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug letting me stay here for a few weeks before we go off to South Dakota.

For a few days, I was able to go out and play and run wild, as the weather was pretty good.  But then the mumbling started this morning….and next thing I know my mom is getting out my Wisconsin Badger sweater…yikes!  Although it keeps me warm, I am not a big fan of it, and didn’t understand why she was chasing me around the camper trying to put it on.  It’s been so warm….but this is Wisconsin…

Not happy:(

Not happy:(

Then the door opened, and I felt a cold breeze, and I started mumbling as well.  What in the world happened??  I thought it was Spring?


Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland!

"Camp Meyer"

“Camp Meyer”

I don’t think my Mom will be doing any bike riding soon!


But when life gives you lemons, you make tasty lemonade!!  So my parents dug out their winter boots, coats, hats and mittens and we all went outside and played in the snow!

Last week it was shorts and sandals

Venice, FL

Venice, FL

Today it’s boots and pants (and boots and pants..!)

Hortonville, WI

Hortonville, WI

snow doesn't stop me!

snow doesn’t stop me!

IMG_20140414_075655_708 (1)


I also want to thank Mary Jo for letting me come over to her house last week and try to catch lizards.  Next time, I will do better!

Where did they go?

Where did they go?

Well that’s it for now, hope you are enjoying my blogs!

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so instead of a “quote of the day”, I decided to use a picture (thanks Angie!):




6 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland??!!

  1. Jonell, Dan, and McKenna,
    Welcome back to Wisconsin my friends! Looks like God had a little bit of snow in reserve for you guys just so you would not forget what it was like! Hope we get to see you while you are back.
    Happy Easter,

  2. Don’t suppose you’ll be golfing while in Wisconsin! Steve is looking forward to having someone to golf with this summer. We heard Phil has been practicing. We should be in South Dakota early next week. Planning to do some sighseeing in the area. See you there.

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