Changing our domicile to Florida – Part One

Since June of 2013, when we became “full-time” RV’ers, we have been legal residents of South Dakota, which has a reputation as a very RV friendly state.  No state income taxes, low auto/RV insurance rates, and affordable health insurance were the main factors in our decision to join the “Great Faces, Great Places” state.  But for those of us who do not have employer sponsored health insurance, or are too young for Medicare, that is changing in 2015.  If we remained SD residents, we would not be able to have in-network nationwide coverage (except for emergencies).  For a more detailed assessment of the changes, you can read this article HERE.  The article is from the excellent healthcare website, dedicated to RV’ers,  South Dakota remains an excellent choice for those on Medicare, or for those who do not need to purchase their own health insurance.

The other two main RV friendly states are Texas and Florida.  We had no real preference, and decided to look into the costs for both.  I have decided to put this post in 2 sections, this first part will just cover mailing services and insurance companies  The second part will cover our actual process of changing to Florida.


Currently, we use as our mailing service in South Dakota.  We have been extremely pleased with the excellent service that Terri Lund and her staff provide.  If you are going to change residency to South Dakota, we would highly recommend them.

Texas has the very popular mail service provided by Escapee’s, of which we are members.  Escapee’s is now offering mail service in Florida.  We started looking into health insurance rates in Texas, based upon the zip code for the Escapee’s organization.  Rates for the two of us, on the healthcare exchange, were $273/month for the bronze plan with BCBS of Texas, offering an excellent nationwide plan.  (we had been paying $198.00/month in SD for a silver plan through Avera.  That plan was going to increase to $269.00/month, without nationwide coverage).

Once we started looking into Florida zip codes, we quickly realized Florida would be a better deal for us, so we eliminated Texas.  Another concern for us is that Texas also requires a vehicle inspection when renewing your tags.  Currently, you can request a waiver if you are not in the state at the time of renewal.  But as we have seen with SD, things can change.

Florida has four main mailing services that we are aware of:  Escapee’s, American Home Base, MyRVmail, and St. Brendan’s Isle.  We had no preference, and started checking health insurance rates based on the four different zip codes/counties.  Our best option was to become residents of Green Cove Springs, in Clay County, Florida, and use St. Brendan’s Isle as our mailing service.  We will be paying $11.99/month plus postage for their mailing service.  They were the most expensive of the four in terms of monthly costs, but that zip code provided us with the cheapest health insurance rates.  We have a bronze policy with Assurant for $198.00/month for the two of us, with a $6,000.00 deductible.  Preventive healthcare is covered at 100%, no deductibles, as required under the Affordable Care Act.  Since we are both healthy, we decided this was the best option for us.  If we had chronic conditions, then we would have gone with a silver policy, which has a higher monthly premium, but lower deductibles.  The policy has an option for a health savings account, which we were able to fully fund last year.

Again, this is just what works for us.  If you are considering changing your residency, take the time to check out all the zip codes/counties/states to decide what works best for your situation.  Another thing that we considered in our decision, is that our current doctors in Wisconsin are covered in-network by our Florida plan.  So we can keep our same doctors/clinics/hospitals.

I spent several hours going through all the websites of the mailing services, comparing monthly costs and fees, and then getting health insurance quotes on the exchange using all the different zip codes.  Not the best way to spend a day off, but the more time you spend doing your homework, the better prepared you will be to make such an important decision on where to “live”.

Auto/RV Insurance

South Dakota has very reasonable auto and RV insurance rates, so we were prepared to pay more for coverage in Florida.  It is important that you get proper insurance coverage, if you plan on living full-time in your RV.  Howard Payne of has written several articles on their website regarding RV insurance coverage (click HERE)

We contacted American Adventure Insurance, Miller Insurance Agency, and Epic Insurance Company for quotes.  Given the wide variation in pricing that we received, it certainly pays to shop around.  Just make sure the quotes you receive contain the same information, so you are truly comparing apples to apples.

In South Dakota, we had coverage through Blue Sky Insurance, and we paid $639/year for our truck insurance, and $813.00/year for a full-timers policy on our 5th wheel. (total $1452).   In Florida, the best rates we received came from Epic Insurance, with coverage provided by Progressive.  Truck insurance $1064  and 5th wheel insurance $796 (total $1860).  We are paying $408/year more for the same coverage we had in South Dakota.   A bit of an “ouch”, but we have piece of mind knowing we have better health insurance coverage.

In my next post, I will go over the steps needed to complete changing our domicile.

Quote for the day:  “The more that you read, the more things that you know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss






11 thoughts on “Changing our domicile to Florida – Part One

  1. We are officially Texans as of today. The registration was less, the health insurance less, and our vehicle $350 more. All in all not a bad deal for us, and Texas is a better choice for us since we travel between coasts every year. Glad you got Florida on your side!

  2. I know you’ve probably already gotten your rigs’ insurance, but several of the full-timers I follow online use Chris and Charles Yust of C&C Marketing and Insurance. I know I’ll get a quote from them when we start our journey in a couple of years.

    • Thanks David – I forgot to mention them. We will certainly get quotes again next year from all the agencies. Always pays to shop around, as everyone’s situation is different with insurance.

  3. Come on JoMamma, just at admit it. We all know the real reason you chose Florida was the Disney discounts! You and Dan both look great wearing those ears and we can’t wait for the pictures! Good to hear all is well – best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!

  4. Happy Holidays. I accidentally found the video and your blog, both of which are terrific. it describes our thought processes as well, having seen life how fast one’s life changes in our professions as well. I am a nurse practitioner, but was previously a RN-ICU and PACU for 25 years, husband a respiratory therapist. I too had been following blogs, sharing with my husband. He had that magic amount in mind as to when we would officially quit our professions, we had been researching RV types, whether to upgrade our vehicle to be able to pull something or class C, etc since we probably couldn’t afford a class A. We had been researching boondocking, travel costs of living, volunteer and work camp options, even Amazon etc and planning on probably traveling 3-4 months. Had not really planned on full time yet since he still has elderly parents that need closer attention, etc. Anyway, waiting until a certain time in our lives to do these wonderful things just doesn’t work. Will died suddenly 5/31 just shy of his 60th birthday. It has been a very difficult adjustment and I miss him terribly. I have just started reading blogs again, wondering if I could do it alone at some point, still leaving that option open down the road. It’s far too raw to even think of being alone looking a lonely desert plains right now, friends and family are too special at this lonely time, plus my work has been a comfort as I get through this terrible part of life. Moral to the story, so happy that you followed your heart and started to travel when you did, we never know what will happen. I am actually just down UC 17 from GC Springs in Jacksonville. Enjoy your time in Florida,

    • Bobbie – With heavy hearts, we thank you for sharing your thoughts, and we are very sorry to hear about the death of Will. We have met many solo RV’ers, especially at Amazon. All of them are glad they continued to pursue their dreams, and have learned there is a big “family” out there. The RV-Dreams website has a forum with a section dedicated to solos. Also, check out this blog written by a women is travelling solo, and references many other solos. We wish you all the best in 2015. Currently we are in Wesley Chapel, but will get back over to the “east coast” in February.

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