I need to lose 1/2 pound!

Hello everyone!  While my parents are busy waiting for their truck to get fixed, I thought I would update the blog.  For those new to the blog, I like to give a perspective on full-timing from the dog’s point of view!

Keeping my peeps informed!

Keeping my peeps informed!

While I was sad when we left Florida, I was eager for new sights, smells and places to pee.  I especially enjoyed our trip to North Carolina, because I had a big house to explore and play in.  Austin and Cole were eager to play with me, and throw my football.  Kids have so much more energy than adults do, so I get to play a lot longer with them.  They even wore me out!  Superhero’s can do that!

Cole & Austin

Cole & Austin

Cole even wrote about me in his school journal.  Perhaps his mom and dad can think about getting a dog??  Thank you Jodie and Chris for letting me come and play!

Cole's journal

Cole’s journal

Eventually we made our way back to “Camp Meyer”, which is my dad’s sisters house in Wisconsin.  I really enjoy my off-leash time at Doug and Linda’s house, especially when the popcorn fairy magically leaves a few pieces of popcorn on the floor.  While I was hanging with my gnomies this year, a strange thing happened.  This little baby popped into the picture, and I was no longer the center of attention:(

Hanging with my gnomies

Hanging with my gnomies

Baby Ellie seemed to upstage me, but I am hopeful she will get bigger and I can teach her how to throw the football to me!  Congrats to Kyle and Lauren and their first child!

I need attention!

I need attention!

My parents took me down to the Milwaukee area to hang with my cousins, and get my doctor’s appointment.  The doctor was not happy that I have gained 1/2 pound since my last visit.  This may not sound like a big gain, but he is being pro-active, and I appreciated that!  He didn’t comment on how much weight my parents have gained since Amazon, but the two are related!  They promised the doctor they would get back into the habit of daily walks for me.  The doctor also wanted to have my teeth cleaned, but my parents are hesitant to do this, as they would have to put me under.  They have heard about other dogs that did not make it through a routine cleaning, so they are afraid to do it.

On the positive side, after my visit, my parents stopped at the pet store and bought me some new footballs, and a box of dental chews!!!  WooHoo!!  Treats and toys!   Thanks you doctor!!  I am really liking these, and my parents hope they work!  They also bought a toothbrush and toothpaste….we’ll see how that goes!  I did get to spend a few days with my grandparents, and they took me for daily walks and lots of playtime!



If you ask any full-time RVer, they will say it can be easy to lose track of what day it is.  I have no idea about the days of the week, but I do know about the seasons.  It should be warm, warm, cool and a little cooler.  But I was all mixed up yesterday when I woke up to this nonsense!  Who put all this snow in my play area at the campground?  Yuck!



But at least my parents are still getting me out to play, so I can lose my 1/2 pound!  I think we will be ‘hitching up’ soon, and getting out of this crazy weather to head west for the summer.  I am looking forward to more areas to play, and I hear there is a lot of wildlife to see (from the comfort of my parents truck)!

Take care everyone!

Quote for the day:  “Dogs love company.  They place it first in their short list of needs.” – J.R. Ackerly

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