Busy Season, silly season

Hello everyone! It’s me again, Makena, the blogging dog!

makena blogging 2-09-2014

Keeping my peeps informed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a good turkey day, as my mom made a turkey breast in the crockpot.  I had to spend 4 long hours smelling that turkey….fortunately, a few pieces magically fell into my dish!

My parents have begun the crazy, busy season at Amazon, so I thought I would take the time to update the blog.  They have now started the 59 1/2 hour work weeks.  They were not going to do these, but then Amazon again offered a $100 VISA gift card for each week that you work it.  And they said it is only for 3 weeks, so they can suck it up!  I really don’t like it, as it makes for long days for me.

With these long days, I have been limited on my play time in the park across the street.  It is dark when they leave, and dark when they get home.  One thing I have learned from my cat friends, is how to make your owners feel guilty. You can either ignore them, or poop outside the litter box.  Since I can’t do the latter,  I have been ignoring them, with great success.   They now make it a priority to play with me on their limited time off.


I do have a dog walker, Rob, that takes me out every day for a long walk.  I really appreciate it, as I don’t like to cross my paws, even if I have four of them.  It sure would have been nice if my buddy Fred would have picked me up on the way to Florida.  That would have been great!

We did have a  major crisis recently.  The dog food that I have enjoyed for my 8 1/2 years has been discontinued!  My parents went to the pet store to look for new food, but came back empty-handed.  Apparently they were too overwhelmed with the dozens of different brands, all claiming their food was the best for your pet.  And my mom noticed many of the brands are now “grain free”.  She is a label reader, and said the grain free products are also much higher in calories.   Since I just spent the past summer working off the 1/2 pound that I gained, she was concerned about the calories.

So she e-mailed Dr. Jodie, my doctor back in Wisconsin.  She recommended Natures Variety, which offers both a grain-free and a holistic blend, which has whole grains.  So my mom placed an order with my favorite website, Chewy.com, and I had a big package to open!  Christmas came early!


Chewy to the rescue!




I must say the chicken and brown rice is super tasty!!!!  And Nature’s Variety also makes peanut butter and banana flavored dog biscuits, that are excellent!  Thanks Dr. Jodie for the recommendations, and to Chewy for super fast delivery and much better prices than that place my parents are working for.

Hopefully, we will be in Florida soon.  My parents are hoping to be done on Saturday, December 19, but they have been told to expect to work until December 23rd.  That is what they have to commit to, in order to receive their end of season bonus ($1/hour for every hour worked).  Oh well, it should go by quickly!

Take care everyone!

Quote for the Day:  “Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” – Doug Larson



9 thoughts on “Busy Season, silly season

  1. We have had no mention at all about attendance gift cards this year. Heck there aren’t even $5.00 gift cards, coins or the campbellsville cash given out anywhere :-). I did win the drawing for the food pantry drive though! I too am hoping for a Saturday finale as my IB shift wouldn’t start again until the following Wednesday. We never know with Al’s shift though, and his has been switched at least four times already! Three weeks to go….

  2. Hi , Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Merry Christmas. I have been reading all of your posts. You sound like you have been having so much fun. I imagine Amazon is swamped. We sure did miss you this summer. I have not been very good about corresponding but from March on I have been in and out of the hospital 8 times. To summarize it, had a botched ablation surgery, heart stopped twice, had pneumonia three times, and toxic poisoning. I am doing much better and am working on the valentine project at Crazy Horse. We had a tremendous summer with the bike rally and all in all a very good year. Rudee and Phil are doing well and have a lot of responsibility but are doing a tremendous job. Two very special people. I missed closing with the both of you but reading your blogs, I know you have had a marvelous time. Blessings to you. lOve, Margare

    • It was great to hear from you! What a crazy year for you, we pray that 2016 will be better. We will be coming through Rapid City in mid May, so hopefully we can get together! We already told Phil to have his snow shovel ready! Take care and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. After Karen commented above, Carlos posted on the TV’s that we can earn a $50 gift card next week and the following if we work 59 hours. Last year it was for perfect attendance of our regular shift 😦 Not sure we’re up for 59 hours. We did do one 11 hour day on Black Friday, but we’re exhausted, so we just did the 10 hours the rest of the week. Can’t wait for this to be over!

  4. Enjoy your blog! We just left Amazon-Campbellsville….we get to enjoy Christmas with 3 of our 5 children in FL!!! As a first-timer Camperforce…the jury is still out if we return. We most definitely would not work the ship-dock again-only 5 campers left when we departed. Repetitive motion, continual loud alarms, and not enough help! Brutal on your hands-in addition to your feet. No lack of work there. But we met great people…no regrets. Hope to see you on the road 🙂

    • Thanks for following along! Sorry things did not work out for you in Campbellsville. Our bodies are sore, but Picking is not as physical as the other areas, except on the feet! Take care and safe travels. We will be in Florida by January (Mimms area).

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