Little Rock and Branson

We enjoyed our brief visit to the City of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Although we did not have time to tour the state capitol building, we did a quick drive-by.

DSC05157 (2)

The downtown area is very nice, very pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  There are two pedestrian bridges that cross over the river, which makes for a nice walking/bicycling loop through the city.

DSC05095 (2)

A large park along the river has an amphitheater for concerts, as well as a weekly farmers market.

DSC05092 (2)

The Little Rock police department has this cute little car for patrolling the downtown area.


There are numerous craft breweries, and one whiskey distillery that offer tours (all within walking distance of the campground!).  We did take a tour and tasting with a large group at the Rock Town Distillery.

DSC04954 (2)

DSC04960 (2)
DSC04952And we did stop in for a sample (or two) at the craft breweries, many of them in old warehouses.

DSC04964After our time in Little Rock, we started heading north back to Wisconsin.  We did make a quick two-day visit to Branson, Missouri, just to see what the city was like.  In one word:  touristy!  It rained the entire time we were there, and most of the attractions had not yet opened for the season.

The city itself is well-organized, as the map covers red/blue/green/yellow routes.  We thought this was a great idea, and made finding attractions very easy.  You didn’t need to know what street it was on, just the color of the route.

The main attraction of Branson is the musical shows, and they have something for everyone:  Oldies, country, gospel, comedy and many tribute bands for Abba, Fleetwood Mac, Temptations, etc.  We had time for one show, and, at the recommendation of the person at our campground, we went to see “Six.”  It was very good.

We even talked about the possibility of doing a work camping job in Branson sometime in the future, and looked into a couple of the campgrounds.  Many of them offer complimentary tickets to the shows and other attractions as an incentive for working there.  It would be a great way to catch a lot of shows, and save a lot of money at the same time.

While we were sitting in the theater before the show started, Dan spotted a former co-worker/teacher/coach from Lancaster High School, Dan’s first teaching job out of college.  He had a great time catching up during intermission on the past 30 years.

The two of us really enjoyed our “touristy time” traveling from Florida to Texas, and then back up to Wisconsin via Oklahoma and Arkansas.  We were able to see and do many things, and we especially enjoyed our visit with my sister LuAnn and her family (and congratulations to our niece, Alicia, who just graduated this past weekend from high school!!!).

It has made us think about what we want to do in the future, as far as traveling and working.  We need to find more of a balance between the two, and may look into some short-term volunteer positions, which would allow us to travel more frequently.

Quote for the Day:  “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

11 thoughts on “Little Rock and Branson

  1. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Branson…so long in fact, the backup for Glen Campbell was listed as ‘P. Yearwood’, instead of the shortened Trisha she goes by now. 🙂 looks like you two had a great time!

  2. Welcome back to WI. As we start our journey, we too are looking to find that perfect mix. We have a 1 month workcamp job up at Peninsula State Park in Door County and then a spring workcamp job out at a resort in Mesa, AZ in the spring. That one is to make sure we get time to go to Brewers spring training. We only have to work 12 hours each a week, so that should give us plenty of time to catch a couple games and see the sites.

    • Thanks Julie. We are actually in Wyoming. I’m just behind on blogging! I will be back to current time on the next post. Enjoy your time at Peninsula Park, such a great place to spend a month. We will also be in AZ for the winter, down in Yuma. Looking forward to new places to explore. Enjoy your summer!


  3. Where did you stay at in Little Rock? You didn’t mention the campground. We will be leaving Illinois soon and will be coming through Arkansas. Looking for a new place to stay a few nights. Thanks

  4. Always enjoy your blogs. Where will you be in July/August time frame??? We are finally going to tour Wisconsin, including the Oshkosh Air Show. Meeting 3 couples for that. Any suggestions as far as going to take the ferry Washington Island? Or whatever. Yes, we plan to do Wisconsin Dells and maybe even go see the Green Bay Stadium.

    Jack and Ruth Ann

    • Great to hear from you two!. We are currently in WY for the summer. You will enjoy the EAA. Definitely take a tour of Lambeau Field and the Packers Hall of Fame. You will love it. And visit Door County. It’s the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”. Plenty of campgrounds in that area. We have not taken the ferry to Washington Island, as there is enough to do in the area.

      The Dells is very touristy. Lots of water parks. Definitely take a boat tour on the Wi River. Another nice area to visit is Green Lake, which is near the Dells, as well as southwestern area of Madison through Spring Green.


  5. Hi Janelle ! Sounds like you two are having an awesome time RV-ing ! We are getting ready as Dan is planning on retiring next May ! Were downsizing now and will be figuring out next steps.

    I’m ditching this email so if you can update me on your posts to: that would be great.

    Dan’s is

    We will no longer be using as were ditching cable which includes this email via spectrum.

    Blessing to you both.. can’t wait to hit the road and start exploring ! I did a 3 month volunteer at Optimum health institute in Austin Texas last Jan-april… it was awesome.. All I can say is.. I’ll never spend another winter in WI ! LOL

    Take care,

    Nancy and Dan Tuttle

  6. Howdy ! We are in the process of ditching spectrum internet provider. Please update your contact info to
    thanks, nancy and Dan Tuttle
    Hey.. are you still in the Tetons ? My son and grandkids are heading there today and I think staying at Jenny lake !

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