Moving on to Plan B and Plan C

We hope everyone is doing well.  We are still in Yuma, trying to remain optimistic about going to Alaska this summer, but also working on alternate plans.  Our work actually ended here at Westwind RV and Golf Resort in the middle of March.  The resort, in compliance with the city of Yuma’s social distancing guidelines, shut down all activities, closed the pool, library, billiards room, fitness center, and limited the restaurant to take-out only.  The golf pro shop, where we worked two days a week, was also closed.  The golf course remains open, but it is “honor golf” only.  If you want to play, you deposit $8 per person in an envelope, and put it in a mailbox outside the pro shop.  The golf shop managers were collecting the money once a day.  And after today, the two full-time employees in the office will be collecting the money, as today is the last day for any remaining work campers to work.

So we have had a lot of free time on our hands.  Since we had put in a lot of extra time for dances and night golf, the park continued to pay for our site and utilities until April 15.  After today, we can stay for as long as we want, but we have to pay for utilities (water/sewer/trash and metered electric).  It’s a great deal, and we are very thankful we have a place to stay, as so many campgrounds have closed down.


The last four summers, we have worked at Luton’s Teton Cabins in Wyoming.  Brad and Joanne, the owners, reached out to us, and offered us a cabin to stay in starting in May, as we wait to see if the Canadian border opens up, and then proceed up to Alaska.  If we can cross over into Canada in June, we still plan on going.  We are extremely grateful for the offer, and our “Plan B” is to head to Wyoming after May 1st, and stay there for a few weeks and see what happens.  We have been watching the weather here in Yuma, and it looks pretty good until the end of the month, when the 90’s arrive.   That’s also when it starts to warm up in the Tetons, with daytime highs around 60.  (Although every year it has snowed on us in May!)

If Alaska doesn’t work out this summer, we will move on to Plan C, which is going back to Wisconsin.  Dan’s parents have stated they have plenty of “honey do” projects on their list to keep us busy all summer!  We would then go to Alaska in the summer of 2021, and look for a work camping job this fall (such as Amazon or JC Penney’s).

But who knows?!  We can only plan a week or two ahead, at best right now.  We are just grateful that we have options (and toilet paper!)  Dan and I spent one Sunday walking to five different stores, in search of toilet paper.  On the positive side, we walked 4.2 miles.  On the negative side, we couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere.  They have “senior hours” at the local Fry’s grocery store, so I asked our friend Tom if he could look for us when he went shopping during the early morning senior hours, as he said they are always fully stocked when he has gone.  And much to my delight, when I opened up our door to let Makena out on Monday morning, there was a 12 pack of Kroger brand toilet paper on our steps!!  Thanks Tom!!  I felt like a teenager asking an adult to buy beer, only I was an adult asking a senior to buy me some toilet paper!  My how times have quickly changed!


Since we have nothing but time on our hands, we asked our friends Dave and Marilyn if they needed help with any projects, and they quickly answered yes!  They wanted to build a pergola, re-do the makeshift box around their pool equipment, and get rid of an old built-in grill that was not in use.  So it was back to work for us!  Below is the pool equipment enclosure.


The Before

The grill area was a challenge to take down.  The back wall had to remain, as the pool equipment was attached to it.  The hollow bricks were filled with concrete and re-bar.  I think this thing was built to withstand a hurricane.

Eventually it came apart, and they poured concrete on the bottom as a stand for Dave’s free-standing grill.

After that was taken down, the pergola began to take shape.


A sunscreen shade was secured over the top which really looks nice.


The original plan was to put artificial grass down in front of the pool equipment enclosure, but Marilyn changed her mind, and decided on brick instead.  We always knew we were in trouble when Marilyn would start a sentence with “you guys are going to hate me, but what if we……..”



Down went the brick pavers (which really turned out to be the better option).


The size of this patio changed a few times (Marilyn…) and the grass was eventually put down.  It turned out well, and provided a nice contrast in color.



So we have added a few more skills to our skill set!

Quote for the Day:  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Ghandi

10 thoughts on “Moving on to Plan B and Plan C

  1. Glad you have some options. Like you we have cancelled some of our plans but still hopeful things are good for both of us to travel to Canada so we can do the Canadian Maritime. Safe travels in whatever you do.

  2. Does she have rv spot to rent in Jun? Like you, we’re hoping still to go to Alaska this summer. We haven’t canceled our Aug 8 bears flight to Brooks lodge for 2 days yet. just don’t know where to wait the beginning of Jun. Thanks! We have reservations outside of glacier Jun 7 and Jun 9. We’re planning to cross at roosville. However if we have to wait longer, may ditch checking out Banf and Jasper this trip on the way. Thanks Chelle and Donnie Coffee

    • Chelle-

      They only have 5 spots for their work campers. Wyoming has not shut things down like other states, although they have now issued a 14 day quarantine for visitors. We use the Allstays app to find campgrounds. Lots to choose from in the area, as well as Idaho if you need to hunker down for a bit. Take care


  3. Hi guys.
    All your busy tasks make me tired.
    Your multi talents are see inspiring.
    Not only talented but cute, talking to Dan here but you as well Jolene.
    Keep up the good work kids. Hope you are able to get up north and stop and say hi.

  4. Clad to hear you are safe and healthy, ….and keeping busy ! it’s nice to have options, and it looks like you have a few. Everything is fine here, and I have a list of projects to keep me going as well. The band has many cancellations , and probably more to come. We don’t even know if State fair will happen , yet ! so, I might be able to get my backyard shed project done this summer, which will be great, as I just couldn’t get that done in previous years, with all the band work. So keep the blogs coming, when you can, and stay safe, you guys ! Love & Peace ! \ Jer ________________________________

  5. The word for 2020 is flexibility! Whatever the year holds for you, I know it will be interesting and fulfilling!
    We’ll be in AZ until we are more comfortable driving back to WI. Mostly concerned with motels, rest stops being open and gas stations that will again have open restrooms! And let’s face it, it’s still snowing in WI . . .

    • Sue-

      Yes there is so much shut down along the way, and the weather is not co-operating either. This is a good place to hunker down for the next few weeks!


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