Working on Plan D or is it E?

After a strange split season working at Luton’s Teton Cabins, we have arrived back in Wisconsin, a current “hot spot” for Covid infections.  We are trying to decide what to do next, as the weather has turned unseasonably cold.  Originally, we were hoping to stay in Wisconsin at least until the end of November, then head out in search of warmer weather.

We enjoyed working a split season, even though we originally had no plans of working at all.  Normally by the end of the season, we are tired and ready to leave, but this year we stayed until October 8th.  Karen and Al also stayed until the end of the season, as we had the busiest fall season ever.  It was ironic that the four of us, who were not even supposed to be at Luton’s, were the last to leave.  We all remain optimistic that Canada will eventually open up, and we can visit Alaska in 2021 (although they just extended the border closing through November 21.)

We had several excellent pot lucks during the month of September and into October, including two prime ribs roasts.  Al, as usual, did an excellent job of cooking them.  This was a 20 pound roast, cooked to perfection.

It’s back to doing some chores at Dan’s parents house in Wisconsin.  We also have some medical appointments for Makena and I set up.  And we are working on clearing out our belongings that we have stored in my sister’s attic.  Other than that, we are just enjoying some down time for now.  My cousin Caroline gave us a giant Northern Georgia Candy Roaster squash that she had grown in her garden.  I think it weighs about 10 pounds.


We tried roasting some slices for about an hour, and it turned out delicious!  Even if you don’t like squash, this particular style is very sweet and tasty.  No brown sugar needed to improve the taste!

We are trying to decide where to go for the winter.  A lot depends on how quickly we need to leave, but we are leaning towards heading back to Arizona for a few months.  But we are also considering heading to Texas as well.  It will all just depend on the weather.

That’s a wrap for now!  Stay safe everyone.

Quote for the Day:  “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

19 thoughts on “Working on Plan D or is it E?

  1. Now, you made me extra hungry , which reminds me that I haven’t eaten yet, lol ! That baked Candy Squash looks really good ! And I like the Dr.’s quote, as well, which I will use, so thanks, you guys !

    Brother Jer

  2. If you should decide to come to south Texas be sure and let us know. We would love to get together again. We are in Mission. Very near McAllen and about 1 1/2 hours from South Padre. Do you still have our phone numbers?

  3. Hello! We are also still in Wisconsin. Can’t believe the amount of snow we’ve already had. We are hear until Thanksgiving and then headed to Florida. Keep us posted on your plans and maybe we can hook up.

    • We were certainly hoping to have better than 40 degree high temperatures in Wisconsin during the month of October. Hopefully it will warm up in the next couple of weeks otherwise we might be hitting the road sooner than anticipated. We look forward to getting together with you in the not too distant future.

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  4. Always enjoy your posts. You are not going back to Yuma?? We love Arizona. Where would you go in Texas, in case we go visit Jack’s son in Corpus Christi. Are you taking the winter off from working?? So hope the border opens next year as we hope to do the Maritime. Take care

    • Hi Jack and Ruth Ann – we will end up in Yuma, but may go to Texas first for a month or so, of the weather gets too cold, too soon. Our plans are in jello! As of now, we won’t work in the winter. Take care


  5. Hi guys! If you’re thinking about Texas you should check out where we are in Mt. Pleasant Texas. Been here 4 weeks and we love it! They ask for 15 1/2 hours for the site. That’s it! You can do more if you choose to which we do. You can see on Facebook that Steve has been driving tractors. Very laid back and the nicest people. They say it does get a few days of cold but nothing major. We’re here through November but thinking next year we’ll come back for longer. Stay warm!

  6. Glad all is well with you both, we are surviving our first snow fall in 8 years. Darn. Keep safe lov to you. Buddy says hi to Makena lolol

  7. Hi from Canada guys.
    Cold and snowing up here in Edmonton.
    May go down the first part of January if possible. Thanks for the updates.

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