Dogs are welcome in Canada

Hello everyone, it’s me, Makena, your favorite dog blogger.

Keeping my peeps informed!

While my parents are busy playing tourists, I thought I would get you updated on my life. For the past eight summers, my parents have always worked. So I’m not sure what to expect this summer, since they will be playing tourists. I’m hoping they will be around more, and that I will have more places to sniff and pee. I’ll probably be spending a lot more time in my kennel with all the traveling. I’ve gotten pretty good at napping while they drive.

How I roll

Traveling to Canada with a dog

My parents wrote about the requirements of traveling into Canada as a human, so I thought I would do the same for us four legged folks. We don’t need any special apps like the humans do, but we do need to be current on our rabies vaccination. Here is a link for more information.

As with the humans, there are also food restrictions for pets. You can only bring a maximum of 20 kilograms of dog food into the country. The equates to a whopping 44 pounds of dog food. Well, I say whopping, because my dog food comes in 4.5 pound bags. But for those big dogs, like my friend Cody, that could be an issue. My mom stocked up on three bags of food for me, which should last me all summer, plus a large container of treats. I’m well under the 20 kilogram requirements. This is just something to be aware of if you have bigger dogs.

When we crossed over the border, the border officer did not inquire if I was on board. I slept through the crossing!

Hanging out with my peeps

I haven’t seen my buddy Cody since last October when we left Teton Cabins in Wyoming. Apparently he has been taking steroids or something, because he has gotten huge! But he also went to doggie obedience school, so he’s very well behaved now – except for that butt sniffing thing!

This was Cody and I when we first met last summer, after Cody adopted Karen and Al.

Now look at him!

Our first stop in Canada was High River, Alberta, where my friend Buddy lives. Even though Buddy and I are neighbors in Yuma, we like our space. My parents always force us to pose together.

But this is really how we like to be – socially distanced!

Now if only Cody can learn this – I will have all summer to teach him! Hopefully he is a fast learner.

Stuck in the corner!

Quote of the Day: “My fashion philosophy is, if you are not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” – Elayne Boosler

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