Time Zone changes?

Hello everyone, it’s your favorite dog blogger, Makena! Giving you an update on my Alaskan/Canadian adventures!

Keeping my peeps informed

I eat both dry and canned dog food. The dry food is out anytime I want, and my parents are great about keeping my dish full at all times. They even fill a small treat ball with my food and milk bones for me to play with and snack on whenever I want.

But it’s my 5:00 pm canned food time that I really look forward to. Around 4:00 pm is when I casually start reminding my parents that its getting close. And at 4:30 I start sitting in the kitchen, just so I don’t miss it. At 4:45 I may bark a few times, as it’s getting really close to 5 pm.

What I don’t understand is these crazy time zone changes. What do you mean it’s no longer 5 pm? Yesterday it was 5 pm. Why is is now 4 pm? And why does this keep changing?

We spend all winter in Arizona, and the time never changes. It’s a very “dog friendly” state if you ask me. We leave Arizona, and the time changes…something about “Daylight Savings Time.” Then it’s “Pacific Daylight Time” in Nevada. Back to Mountain Daylight Savings time in Alberta.

British Columbia goes on Pacific Time, so I lost my hour again. What’s a dog to do?

Then we cross into the Yukon province, and it stays on Mountain Standard Time all year. Even though it is right above British Columbia. Are you as confused as I am?!

And then there’s Alaska – my parents told me it will be another time zone change. Sheesh!

I’m also getting a little perplexed about all this daylight. When my mom gets up, it’s already pretty bright outside. So when she takes me out, I’m thinking she must have overslept or something. It feels like the middle of the day. When my dad takes me out before I go to bed, it’s still daylight out – shouldn’t we be staying up? Where’s the darkness? It just gets “less bright” now, there hasn’t really been any darkness.

The other morning the sunshine was peeking through the shades and I woke my mom up, as I thought she may have overslept. She mumbled something about it being only 4 am, but I persisted, so she took me out. I had the campground all to myself! No other dog in sight! The next day, or morning, or whatever, I tried to do it again. This time my mom just threw the covers over me, so it was dark again, and I went back to sleep!


I did take a side trip with my parents from Teslin, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska to visit my pals Finnigan and Duffy. I see them all the time in Yuma. Their parents, Tom and Ellen, are working in Skagway for the summer. The border agents for both the United States and Canada asked nothing about me. They just peeked in the back seat of our car and looked at me, sound asleep in my kennel.

Duffy was super excited to see me, jumping for joy! He loves visitors!

Yay, it’s Makena!

I, of course, was less than excited to see a giant dog leaping towards me. I turned around and headed back to the car.


Eventually, he settled down, and we said our greetings.

Finnegan, me and Duffy

An International Incident?

We have finally made it to Alaska – it’s really a long, bumpy drive. My parents put in some extra padding in my kennel, but the last day of driving I was getting bounced around a lot. I did pose for some photos at the border. There is a bench right on the boundary line that I was sitting on.

Alaska/Yukon border

I put my front paws in the US, and back paws in Canada. My buddy Cody snuck up behind me and stuck his cold nose where it doesn’t belong – I believe this has to violate some international law or something!

An international crime?

I’ve been enjoying our travels so far, even if it has been a bit confusing for me. So many new smells, and new dogs to see from a safe distance. I’ll keep you posted! Take care and stay safe everyone!

Quote of the Day: “The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.” – Unknown

3 thoughts on “Time Zone changes?

  1. This is very funny and cute yes the time zones can we have it for both humans humans and dogs and being daylight all the time I can imagine.

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