Nose to toes

Day 2 at Amazon was orientation on all the rules, paperwork and safety training.  The most important paperwork was how to input the code for our employee discount!!  We will probably pick up some optional overtime to pay for the items we need for the camper.

in the afternoon, we received a lengthy tour of the warehouse, along with our safety training.  Our trainer repeatedly used the phrase to keep your nose with your toes, to avoid twisting while bending.  We had to demonstrate that we could lift boxes up to 20 pounds without assistance.

Tomorrow we will start learning our specific jobs, and we only have to work 5 hours.  Amazon has discovered people can’t go from not working to working 10 hour days very well, so they ease us into the jobs.  We were probably the youngest in our group of 50 that started today, but there are much younger full-timers than us.

Quote for the day:   If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!  Katherine Hepburn


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