Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to work we go!

We are staying at Green River State Park here, all paid for by Amazon.  It is the only park that does not have sewer, so Amazon pays for a “honey wagon” to come once a week and pump everyone’s tanks out.  The fact that we don’t have to deal with “dumping” for the next 3 months is another nice feature of this park that we chose.

pump and dump

pump and dump

After the important stuff was taken care of, we drove into town to begin our new jobs.

Welcome to Campbellsville

Welcome to Campbellsville


Today was “meet and greet” day, where we met the general manager of our plant, as well as our “camperforce” administrative team.  It was nice to put faces with the folks we interviewed with.  We received our assigned positions, shifts and days.  Amazon always makes sure that couples will have the same shift/days.

Dan and I will be working the day shift, 6:30am – 5:00pm, on Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday.  So for those that worked with me at the hospital, my Sunday “happy dance” will now be done on Tuesdays!!  We will be “pickers”, which means we will be picking the merchandise off the racks and taking it in carts to the packing area.  We will learn more this week about the job, but basically, we will be walking 6 – 10 miles/days.  So we are getting paid to exercise!!!  Bonus!

Tomorrow we have orientation, and then safety training.  Amazon is very big on safety training.  Wednesday thru Friday, we will be working 5 hour days on our specific jobs.  Then we will have off Saturday, and then Sunday starts our regular work week, but only 7 1/2 hour days.  The 3rd week we will go to the full 10 hour shifts.  Amazon refers to this as ‘work hardening’ to get everyone accustomed to the physical nature of the jobs.

At our meet and greet, we also received a big bag containing coupons from local stores and restaurants, and brochures with free or half-off coupons of some tourist attractions in the area.  The Amazon folks said the community really likes it when the workampers come into town, especially the veterinary clinics, since the majority of RV’ers travel with pets.  That was a nice little bonus, and we will definitely check out some of the places on our off days.

After we finished today, we drove down to the marina part of the state park, to see what was there.  Lots and lots of houseboats.  Some of these are pretty big.

view of the marina

view of the marina

There is also a dam up the road.


Green River by the dam

Green River by the dam

dry side of the dam

dry side of the dam

Tomorrow it’s back to packing lunches!!!

Quote for the day:  “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt







9 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to work we go!

  1. glad you are getting settled. lots of good stuff heading your way. maybe I will see your name in my next order from amazon! miss you!

  2. I like the view of the state park and marina. I didn’t realize that you were starting work so soon, but I suppose it takes time to train and all. Love the ‘Honey Wagon’ name; no that’s a job!

  3. You made it! I’m so happy for you guys! I love reading your blog, makes me laugh each time. We will be driving through Kentucky in a few weeks, maybe we can meet up!

  4. Good thing you are living in a state park otherwise you’d be homeless today! What, no update on how Mc is liking the new homestead? Rudy & Reagan need info on their cousin.

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