We interrupt this blog….

to bring you Makena’s Musings!!!!! Hi there, I am Makena, a very cute 6 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.

Hi there!!

Hi there!!

While my parents are away working at Amazon, earning money to keep me supplied with treats and toys, I thought I would take over the laptop for a day and talk about a dog’s life in an RV.

I was very happy in our “old life”, at our house. We had great neighbors, and the kids would always come and play with me. Sometimes they would chase me around our house, trying to catch me. I’m pretty fast and they could never catch me. But I see they are now winning awards at school, so they would probably catch up to me…..maybe!!! (congrats to Joshua!!)

After my parents sold the house, we moved into an apartment, which I hated. There was no place to play off-leash, and we had no furniture, as they sold all the stuff….

depressed in the apartment

depressed in the apartment

But then we moved, again, and settled into our RV, which I immediately loved. My parents were a bit worried, but I had windows, windows, and more windows!!! Dogs, and cats, need windows to keep up with the world.

big picture window

Bedroom windows...bonus!

Bedroom windows…bonus!

The only problem I have been having is with storms…I hate them.  And in an RV, you can hear them really loud!!  In our old house, I could go down into the basement, or at least under the bed.  I don’t have either option in an RV, so I improvised!!

storm shelter #1

storm shelter #1

The first night it rained, I went into the shower.  I thought it was a great idea, and safe, but my parents told me it was the noisiest place in the RV, because of the skylight in the shower, so I have been banned from the bathroom.  So then I went to plan B:

storm shelter #2

storm shelter #2

Yep, I thought crawling under the recliner would be a good spot, but that went over like a lead balloon.  I got dragged out from under my safe spot:(

I am still in search of a good shelter…there is no place under the bed, and the closets are small.  So far, this is my only complaint about living in an RV.  Other than no storm shelter, I love it here!!!  I get several walks a day, there are plenty of people around that will pet me and tell me how cute I am.  And my parents are really trying to find places I can play without wearing that stinking leash:)

I love to play!!!

I love to play!!!

I plan on blogging occasionally, when my parents are too busy.  This week they are still on 7 1/2 hour shifts, but starting Sunday, they go to 10 hour shifts.  I will have to cross my paws!

Oh, and another place I have been banned from…..but look at the nice window I had!!

banned again!

banned again!

Take care….Makena!

Quote for the day:  God  will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my  dog being there, I believe he’ll be there.
Billy  Graham


10 thoughts on “We interrupt this blog….

  1. Reagan is not allowed on the computers, for those of you who know Reagan, no explanation is needed, so she asked me to pass this along to Mc.

    “Hey Mc, Mc, Mc…Mc, you listening, wait, what? Mc, oh, yeah, like I was saying…wait, what? Squirrel! Oh, yeah, were was I? What? I got one! Sitting on the porch, oh you should have seen me, I was magnificent! Pointed that sucker for a good 5 minutes, jumped him, chased him, plucked him off the fence and then we danced, wait, what? Then like, Rudy came over all important and stuff, and like showed me how to make them stop moving – cool! I think she was a little jealous, she tried to take it, but I got it right back – old dogs! What to they know about anything anyways! So then, I like carried him around the yard for a long time, till Pudge came out and took him away in that cart that smells soooooo good! He can be such a buzz kill sometimes, you know what I mean? I miss that a little guy! Maybe I am a real dog after all! Wait, what? Oh, yeah, how come the cats get to sit on the table and we don’t?” Hey, got a good one for you, you can text this to Jomomma at work: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Comma. Comma who? Comma home, I gotta pee!”

    Glad to hear you like you new home!

    • Congrats Reagan on getting a squirrel!! I’m sure Rudy is proud of you too! Yes, cats can get away with a lot of things….I try to be like them, except for pooping indoors!

  2. Dear makena

    Your parents should provide you with a sound proof doggie kennel, with a window.

    Should the storms bring about depression, would suggest you push for a week of r&r at the oconto falls rehab center, on poplar ave.

    Good luck..

    Signed.. Your legal counsel

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