You’ve got mail…

Probably the number one question that we have received, is “how will you get your mail?” Since it was just Columbus Day, and you didn’t get mail, I thought we would have a topic on mail.  When we decided to change our residency to South Dakota, we set up a service with a Mail Forwarding Company.  There are a number of companies in SD, Texas and Florida that work with full-time RV’ers to handle their mail and other paperwork.   After searching several companies, and talking with the people who work at those companies, we went with, in Madison, SD.

downtown Madison, SD

downtown Madison, SD

We have been very happy with the service that we have received so far.  As with all the companies we checked into, they offer several options for service.  We chose to receive our mail once a month, as we already receive and pay all of our bills on-line.  We have switched several magazines to an IPad app, so we do not receive much important regular mail anymore.  We pay $76.00 for 13 months, plus actual postage costs.  Once a month I send an e-mail requesting our mail, and give them our current address, and about 3 days later we receive a large package from the post office.  If we needed something quicker, they will send the mail via FedEx or UPS.

You can also have your mail sent twice a month, weekly, or have them send you an e-mail each day that you receive a piece of mail.  It’s whatever you want to spend, as each level of service costs more.  In addition to the mail service, they will also take care of our vehicle and RV registrations, and helped us set up our voter registration and change in residency/drivers license forms.

When we arrived in South Dakota, it took us a grand total of 1 1/2 hours to set up our new mailing address, register to vote, change over vehicle titles, get license plates and new drivers license.  It was a very efficient process, and Terri Lund at MyDakotaAddress was a huge help in completing all the paperwork for us.  I would definitely recommend them if anyone is in need of a mailing service.

Just to update what we have been up to:

Makena wants to thank everyone for their comments and e-mails regarding the blog post she did.  She wants everyone to know she has agreed not to stand on the kitchen table.  We also have a couple that is letting her out while we are on our 10 hour days, Saturday – Tuesday, 6:30am – 5:00pm.  We let their dogs out, as they work 2nd shift, which is from 5:30pm – 3:30am.

no table...while they are home

no table…while they are home

The park has been filling up on the weekends, and is booked solid these next 2 weekends for their Halloween festivities.  After that, it is closed to the public.

Amazon is up to 310 workampers that have started, and has 5 more groups to bring in, about 50 a week.  As pickers, we are expected to do 85% of what a regular full-time picker does.  In other words, if they pick 100 items an hour, we are expected to pick 85 items.  They give you until your fourth week to try to get up to speed.  Yesterday, after week 3, they posted our numbers.  Dan is at 108%, and I am at 125%.  We are both fast walkers, so I think that is why are numbers are so high.  Everyone has been very nice, and helpful.  The hardest part is just getting to know where everything is.  I am also having a hard time when my scanner has me picking automotive parts (what is a solenoid?), and some hunting/fishing items.  Now when my scanner has me picking housewares, I just grab the item without hesitation!

It’s raining today, so we just are having a leisurely day.  We are looking at some brochures to see what to do the next few days.  We hope everyone is doing well.

Quote for the Day:  I  also hate those holidays that fall on a Monday where you don’t get mail, those  fake holidays like Columbus Day. What did Christopher Columbus do, discover  America? If he hadn’t, somebody else would have and we’d still be here. Big  deal.  John  Waters



8 thoughts on “You’ve got mail…

  1. Good job Makena. No table when they are home. I got a mouse in bed this morning. The cat wanted to play and I thought it was a toy until i picked it up. TOOOO squishy to be a toy. NO dead mice in bed Boo Boo, but thank for thinking of me for your play time

    • No part-timers, everyone does 40 hours. But now that I am way ahead on my percentages, I can “browse” a little more at some of the cool stuff that people are buying.

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