Changing hours – more play time

We are still plugging along with work in the gift shop at Crazy Horse Memorial. We were able to switch over to four ten-hour days, which will allow us more free time to play tourist, as well as keep up with laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. For now, we will have off Wednesday thru Friday. With our new schedule, we will be able to do some things with Phil and Rudee on Wednesdays.

With our new day off, we went out to dinner and a play with Phil and Rudee. The Black Hills Playhouse, located in Custer State Park, is currently in its 69th season providing plays and events in the park.

Black Hills Playhouse

Black Hills Playhouse

Dan, Rudee and Phil

Dan, Rudee and Phil

This season offers four plays that run for about 2 weeks each. With our VIP pass, we are able to see the dress rehearsal performance that occurs the evening before opening night.(tickets are normally $32.00 for adults)  These are always on a Wednesday, so we will be able to see 3 out of the remaining 4 plays. We enjoyed the musical adaption of a 1911 children’s book, The Secret Garden. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional quality of the production, and look forward to the remaining two plays this season. If you are in the area, this would be a ‘must do’ item.

Of course, after our first week on the new schedule, they changed it up on us, and we ended up with a Sunday off. This allowed us to spend some time with Steve and Joan, learning some new card games, as well as joining in with a group of co-workers that go out for pizza on Sunday night in Custer.

Then our schedule changed back, and this past Wednesday we headed out to Hot Springs where Phil and Dan used their VIP pass on half-price golf at Southern Hills Golf Course, a very scenic and challenging course. Rudee and I opted for the more relaxing day at Evans Plunge, which is a natural spring of mineral water. The spring is now fully enclosed, and they have added two water slides, a ‘kiddie area’, rope swings, and a lap pool area. The spring is only 5 feet deep at the deepest portion, and the water is crystal clear, with a pebble rock bottom. This was another complimentary item on the VIP pass.

In the evening, we had reservations at Grand Magic in Custer, which was a fun, family-friendly magic show. (also free for us!  Can you tell we like to do all the free items?!)

We also had some visitors this past few weeks.  Pat and Diane, Amazon co-workers, stopped in at our park on their journey West for a few days.  They found us on RVillage.  Although we had to work, we did were able to spend a few hours catching up, and look forward to seeing them again this fall in Kentucky.

Gary and Pam, a couple that we met last June at a Heartland Owners Group rally, surprised us at work on a Saturday.  They have been following our blog, and were coming through the area and stopped in.  It was also fun catching up with them, and we will certainly see them down the road sometime, somewhere!

Quote for the day:  “The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.” – Pierre Tielhard de Chardin



3 thoughts on “Changing hours – more play time

  1. I keep driving to South Dakota but once I get to Sioux Falls, I head north to Brookings. Next trip Jordan and I are coming over to your area for a couple of days. Probably arriving Sunday (evening) Auugst 3 and sticking around until later Tuesday or early Wednesday, depending on when she needs to get back to Brookings. If you are working the whole time, maybe we can catch you at break at the gift store. Love the blog and would love to see you guys.

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