The “RV” train has left Clarksville

Just a quick update on the blog.  Saturday 12/20 was our final day at Amazon in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  We packed up and left Clarksville, Indiana very early on Sunday.  Our goal was to get to Florida ASAP, as we are in the process of changing our residency from South Dakota to Florida.  I plan on separate blog posts to give our final thoughts on Amazon as well as the steps we took to change over to the Sunshine State.  And yes, we will have our final weight loss numbers as well from Amazon.  I know our family looks forward to that number!

These last four weeks have been very busy, working 59 1/2 hour weeks at Amazon, and using our day off to research mailing services, auto/RV insurance rates and health insurance rates.  We are really looking forward to a few days of doing absolutely nothing after the first of January!


Dan and I (and our dog Makena) want to welcome our new blog followers.  Last January, we met up with Chris and Cherie of Technomadia in Cedar Key, Florida (along with a great group of other RV’ers!)  They have an awesome video series, called Ramblings – Tales from Nomads on their website, where they interview fellow RV’ers.  We have enjoyed watching and learning from these videos, and agreed to be interviewed by them.  It was our hope that we could offer a little advice about our lifestyle and the reasons we decided to full-time before “retiring”.

A few days ago they posted that interview on their blog, and we have seen a surge in new followers as a result.  We are very humbled that you have chosen to follow along on our journey.  The RV community is a wonderful extended family to us.  We have no regrets whatsoever!

For those that have not seen the video (about 8 minutes), click here for the link.

We always welcome comments and questions.  And again, thank you so much for following along!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Quote for the day:  “This is all you have.  This is not a dry run.  This is your life.  If you want to fritter it away with your fears, then you will fritter it away, but you won’t get it back later.” – Laura Schlessinger

8 thoughts on “The “RV” train has left Clarksville

  1. Hello!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog since I found out about you guys from Technomadia. You are among the few (that I have discovered) who blog from a 5th wheel. My wife and I plan to go full-time in a couple of years, and right now it looks like it will be in a DRV Suites trailer. I haven’t read all of your posts yet, so you may have covered it, but I’m curious as to why you’re changing your residency from SD to FL. We lived in FL for 7 years and loved it, but SD seems to be the less expensive place to reside in, between the two states. Safe travels to you, and I’ll continue my education, because that’s what I get when I follow those who’ve gone before me.

    • David Lee – we are changing to FL to get better coverage for health insurance. SD is the better state for people on Medicare or have their own health insurance from a prior job. But in 2015, the health insurance companies in SD are now very RV unfriendly, with a network only in SD. We will have a post with more details and the cost comparisons that we incurred coming soon! DRV’s are very nice 5th wheels! Very well insulated. Good luck and thanks for following!

      • I was afraid that was the reason. I’ll need to check that out carefully, although I believe in my case my insurance will work there OK. You’ll love Florida, but just remember there’s a reason they call that state “God’s waiting room.”

  2. Glad to hear that you made it through another stint at Amazon. I don’t think I could do that. We made it to Florida but there is not much sunshine but lots of grey skies and rainy weather and humidity! enjoy your well deserved rest. Oh yeah by the way we saw your video it was very good.

  3. I’m finally getting caught up reading the last few day’s blogs. Good luck with the FL conversion, so far Texas has been a piece of cake! We’re finding despite everyone’s ramblings about Texas, that it is less expensive in all respects than South Dakota. The Blue Cross plan we got will cover us in all areas, even well visits are covered 100% even if we get them done outside of TX. Goodbye SD, sorry to see you go 🙂

  4. We watched your video with Ryan. He still can’t believe Dan could leave teaching for a life on the road. “Very unlike Mr. Anderson”, was his comment. I know I’ve told you this so many times but you were an awesome math teacher and we still miss you.

    Thanks for keeping the blog going as Mike and I are listening and learning- especially the healthcare info. 3 1/2 years left and then we’ll be joining you.

    • Hope you had a great Christmas and having a relaxing vacation! Tell Ryan he will have to start following Mr. Anderson! 3 1/2 years will come soon. We plan on going to the RV show in a few weeks in Tampa. We will have to look for something for you and Mike!

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