Louisville Slugger Museum and Amazon update

Amazon Update

Week three at Amazon is in the books.  We have again signed up for voluntary overtime on Tuesday.  As such, we have not been doing too much on our off days, besides resting, laundry, grocery shopping and planning out the weeks meals (my crock pot is getting a good workout).  The work has been pretty steady, with more Halloween costumes, as well as winter coats, mittens and thermal underwear this week.

In talking with some full-time employees, they are anticipating a better “peak season” than last year at this center.  When we arrived last year, it was crazy busy and chaotic.  We have not seen that yet this year.  Last year they started their peak in August, and the employees had mandatory overtime from August through December.  It is mostly voluntary overtime at this time. This year they are expecting peak season to start in mid-November.  And as of now, they may not need to work the 11 hour shifts like they did last year.  Some employees are happy about that, others wanted the overtime (more money).  We shall see.  Ultimately, the customer drives the business.

Louisville Slugger Museum

In June of 2012, a year before we went full-time, we attended the Good Sam’s Rally in Louisville, Kentucky.  We were able to look at hundreds of RV’s, attend seminars, and talk with many full-time RVer’s.  Many of them made the same comment:  if I could do it all over again, I would have started sooner.

During the seminar, we took some time to explore the Louisville area, including a visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum, right in downtown Louisville.  The museum is part of the factory, where they still make over 8,000 different models of bats for both professional and amateur players.  The museum and factory have a distinctive 120 foot tall bat located outside.  It is made of steel, and painted to look like wood.  It is a replica of Babe Ruth’s bat.

Louisville Slugger Museum

Louisville Slugger Museum

The museum has on display bats from many players, including this Babe Ruth bat from 1927, the year that Ruth hit 60 home runs.

The Babe

The Babe

They do allow you to hold several bats used from several hall of fame players (after you put on some protective batting gloves).  I was able to take a few practice swings with a bat used by Mickey Mantle.

swinging away

swinging away

They have a tribute to the women who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (remember that Tom Hanks/Madonna movie?).

There's no crying in baseball!

There’s no crying in baseball!

We toured the factory (no photos allowed inside) and watched several bats being produced.  They used to hand carve the bats using a lathe, but now can produce several bats in just minutes on a machine.  In the museum, there is one window that looks into the factory.  The blue machine is what is used today to manufacture bats.

inside the factory

inside the factory

They have a boring machine that is used to extract billets from a log.  The billets are then placed into the machine and carved into the bats.

billets in a log

billets in a log

It’s a very interesting tour, and everyone receives a souvenir mini bat when you leave.

hanging with the Babe

hanging with the Babe

Quote for the day:  “Baseball is ninety percent mental, and the other half physical.” – Yogi Berra

10 thoughts on “Louisville Slugger Museum and Amazon update

  1. We’re spending the day in Louisville on Thursday to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Not sure if we’ll do the Slugger Museum, but we’re definitely going to check out the Derby museum and Churchill Downs 🙂

  2. I*ve been at the museum a couple times over the years.Outstandingto say the least.Never been to Chirchell Downs however .. Check out the new baseball park if you get a chance. Its downtown also. I always liked to go to L-ville when I scouyed for the Twins .Sorry for the types. I was only good at one tablrt three times a day.

    • Don it is great to hear from you! We will have an upcoming blog on Churchill Downs. We also loved the USS Yorktown that you served on. We hope you are doing well. We will be in Florida January thru March, on the Atlantic side. Take care – Dan and Jonell


  3. It was great visiting with you last weekend. SDF1 is very different and construction still going on. Still working on getting Al’s schedule set, we may not have any days off in common with you to meet up before Florida. Will let you know…don’t work too hard!

  4. hey there y’all

    What site are you on? I’ll be arriving sometime Sun. afternoon/early evening and would like to say hello.

    Who all is already there? Any news on who else is arriving?

    Can’t wait to see you.

    peace ml

    • We are in site 39, the Landmark 5th wheel. Looking forward to seeing you! Not sure what we will be doing on Sunday yet. We think you will like Picking, but you will need to increase the amount of food you eat! (Not a bad thing). And get a good pair of shoes…some people had their feet fitted at a local store that gives a discount to Amazon employees. They found that solved their ‘sore feet’ issue! Bob started in the last group. JoAnne is here, lot’s of new folks at the KOA. It is a nice group, very social. Safe travels!


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