Moving on to “Plan C”

Just a quick update.  We are still in Wyoming, working at Luton’s Teton Cabins, but will be departing for Wisconsin after the first week of July.  Our original plan was to go to Alaska this summer, crossing into Canada in mid-May.  With the border shut down, we moved on to Plan B, which was to wait here and see if the Canada/United States border would open up, and then do a slightly abbreviated trip to Alaska. Since all indications are that Canada will keep the border closed, through July, and possibly longer, we have scrapped our Alaska plans, and moved all of our reservations to 2021.

It was never our intent to spend the summer here in Wyoming, although it is a great place to be (no humidity, no mosquitoes, and a beautiful view).  But we don’t want to take any hours away from anyone that was planning on working here.  Our friends Dan and Nancy are planning on working here this summer, and they will arrive around the last week of June to start their training, and then we will depart for Wisconsin.  That was always our “Plan C.”


Going to see the Grandparents!

Dan’s parents were thrilled when we told them the news (after expressing disappointment that we were not going to Alaska), and I think they are working on a large “honey do” list of chores for us to help them with.  Dan says, “not too long Mom.” They had been planning on hiring out some local handymen to help them out, but we are just not comfortable having lots of people coming into their house right now.  They are both in the higher risk category for COVID-19, and we don’t feel it’s safe to have a lot of people coming and going right now.

It’s about 1400 miles from Moran, Wyoming to his parents house in Wisconsin.  With being fully self-contained in our camper (see Don and Kathy, I didn’t say ‘truck camper’!!) we can make it there with very minimal contact to the outside world.  So we can continue to keep ourselves in our own little “bubble”.

As for our winter plans, we still have not decided on anything concrete.  As the way 2020 is going, we simply can’t plan that far in advance!  We are on a month to month deal right now.

Quote for the day:  “Live, so you do not have to look back and say, “God, how I have wasted my life.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


16 thoughts on “Moving on to “Plan C”

  1. Guys, sorry the Co-Vid killed your plans for the summer. Having a honey-do list will not be bad, with all the festivals shut down, this will be a pretty boring summer anyway. Looking forward to seeing you as you roll thru MKE. Drive safe.

  2. Thank goodness our homes have wheels right? That stinks that plans are delayed for Alaska but surely the parents are excited to see you and have your help. We also stopped at family in SE WI before heading up to Rhinelander for the abbreviated scout camp volunteering gig. Lots of skeeters here! Bring spray!!! 😊

    • Thanks Julie. Yes it’s great to have wheels – feel much safer in our own bed at night traveling. We feel fortunate that we have our health.


  3. Sorry things haven’t worked out as planned, but we wish you the best for your summer and hope we will be able to see you in the fall. Take care of your selves in your camper. Be safe

    • Thanks for following us on our blog. If all goes well, we will be able to make our Alaska trip next summer and you can show us some of the sites near your home when we pass through BC. Hopefully you and Don are having a great summer!

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  4. Be safe. We are still in TX as I am recouping from a total hip replacement and George has very swollen legs. We would like a quick trip back to South Dakota in August but will see how we and this COVID thing is doing. Good to hear from you two. Travel safe and stay healthy.

    • Iris it’s great to hear from you and George! We wish you both a speedy recovery, and hope you can make it back to SD to see family in August. We will certainly consider a visit to the RGV in the future and hope to meet up with you two.


  5. Hi guys.
    Will miss seeing you this summer but you know Don we have to be careful who we let into Canada these days.
    So far has been a very wet spring/summer here.
    Don’t know if I’ll get back to Yuma for winter or not but if your there I look forward to seeing you.
    Safe travels, a big hi to your folks Dan.

    • Thanks for following our blog! Hopefully you are having a nice summer in the great white north and your golf game is in top form! Maybe we will be able to swing by Edmonton next summer when we travel to Alaska – provided you open the border for us…. Take care.

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  6. Sorry to hear AK has been put off, but you guys know how to zig and zag and you’ll have great time with family.
    Hoping “planning” becomes easier this winter but… we just roll with it. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Sue! Can’t plan too much in advance these days!. If you will be wintering in the SW this year again, we will have to try and work something out!


  7. Rudee says you could stop here for a week or ten! She could use some help in the gift shop and I could always use help on my golf game!

    • Ten weeks in the gift shop and hunting for golf balls in hail storms seems very tempting 😎, but we are heading back to Wisconsin. We hope you have a great summer and maybe we will see you on the RV’ing road in the very near future!!! Alaska 2021???

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