Honey, this isn’t Texas!


Snow covered mountains?  Did we take a wrong turn?  This doesn’t look like Texas.

It’s 2020, so our plans went out the window…again.  When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that they will keep their border closed for the “Foreseeable future,” we talked about starting to look for a new vehicle.  We were able to change all of our Alaska reservations to the summer of 2021, but who knows if we will make it there? As much as we enjoyed the truck camper, the thought of living full-time in a tiny space for two more years, was not something we really wanted to do.  So we started to look at small class A motorhomes for sale.  Sadly, many dealers seemed to raise their prices on used ones, both gas and diesel.  And they were not willing to negotiate much on price. 

Then we spotted a new coach on-line, and were intrigued.  We went back and forth with the dealer, and made a low-ball offer to see how they would counter.  And they did…oh, now what do we do?  So off to Colorado, in December, to look at an RV!  We had made the offer contingent upon us seeing the coach, and driving it.  We were fortunate the weather was unseasonably warm…for the first 10 days!  The dealer called us the day after Thanksgiving to advise there was a missing trim piece, and one piece of fascia was damaged, and that the replacement pieces would not arrive until December 9th.  We decided we would still come out by November 30th, as we had planned, and would just wait for the parts. This would give us time to go over things, and have them take care of any issues that we found.  

The dealer, Transwest Truck, Trailer and RV, located in Frederick, Colorado (North of Denver), had a parking lot “campground” for guests to stay in.  We were able to park door-to-door, which made it easier to move our belongings from the truck and camper into our new home, a 2020 Newmar Canyon Star 3513.  Out with the old, in with the new!


Here are some more pictures of our new home:



And here’s what it looked like once we moved our stuff from the camper in!  We were surprised by how much stuff we were able to cram into the camper.  And we have more stuff stored at Dave and Marilyn’s house, our friends in Yuma.  

Here is the damaged fascia and missing wooden valance that Newmar replaced.

We had some other issues that we found, and the dealer took care of everything before we left. We were very, very happy with their service department, and would recommend them for any service you may need. They do service all makes and models. While we were in Colorado, we did have an opportunity to meet up with our niece, Breanna. She is teaching in the Boulder area, and drove over after ‘virtual teaching’ to check out our new home. It was wonderful catching up with her, as we have not seen her since 2014.


Our goal was to leave on December 10th, after they fixed the fascia that arrived on the 9th.  But our luck with good weather ran out, and we had to wait two days for the snow to clear.  It presented a good challenge to test out the new coach:  snow, wet roads, mountains, road construction and a multi-car accident blocking the interstate around Denver!  Off to a good challenge!  We have been pleasantly pleased by how well the gas coach has performed.  

Leaving the dealer’s campground:


When we had our walk-through with the technician at the dealer, he commented that they do not make the windshield wiper fluid reservoir large enough.  We really didn’t understand what he meant until we were on the wet roads.  After 85 miles, we had used up the entire gallon on our large windshield, and had to stop for another bottle!  Mile-High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos football team, is in the picture below.  The wipers were less than ideal with no fluid!


It took two days of driving until we lost the snow, and found the sun!  We did a quick stop in Casa Grande, and got together with Forrest and Mary, whom we met back in 2013.  Once again, we had a nice visit, delicious lunch, and got to see their new-to-them super C.  


Then it was off to Yuma, where we are back at a very deserted Westwind RV for the next 2 months.  Not only are the Canadians missing, but there are a lot of Americans that have not made it down here (yet).  There are 1057 sites here, but only a fraction of them are occupied.  It will be a quiet winter.  But that could be a good thing, as people stay safe and healthy!  Soon this year will be over!!!!!

Quote for the day:  “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

26 thoughts on “Honey, this isn’t Texas!

  1. Congratulations on the new rig! Looks great! You may get lost in it after being in the truck camper ;)! Enjoy Arizona….have a very Merry Christmas! Melissa Lily Molly 😊

    • Have a wonderful Christmas Melissa! Hope the stockings are filled with squeaker toys for Molly and Lilly! Yes, it feels like a “mansion” after the camper.


  2. Wow – looks beautiful! I was hoping we could have gotten together one more time before you left town! Enjoy your new home and have a very merry Christmas and happy and healthy new year!

  3. Happy to see you traded back up. You cld even rent a smaller RV for your trip to Alaska.
    We were in AZ for about a month, flew back to WI Dec 9. Enjoying the holidays in WI. We have flight reservations returning to AZ on Jan 7. Hoping it all works out.
    Do you remember when you were astounded when I turned 27? This birthday,
    right after New Years, I will be 70. 🙄
    Al snd I are both doing well and enjoying retirement!
    Perhaps we can connect at the end of your 2021 Yuma season.

    • Sue – yes, I remember when you were “old”!! Now 70 is the new 40!! We would love to get together when you return to Arizona. We will be in Yuma until 3/2, and then we have not decided where to go. All the parks are pretty empty, and I imagine they will stay that way. Stay safe!


  4. Congrats on the new rig!!! Looks fantastic and know you will love it. Have a great holiday, stay safe and who knows….maybe we will travel your way (wherever that is) one day!

    • Thanks Jack and Ruth Ann. Thought of you two when we drove through Albuquerque. Maybe we can do the Balloon Fiesta if they have it this fall. Have a safe Christmas and New Year! Roll Tide!


  5. We were driving on I-95 in FL recently and passed the exit where you camped the year you played golf with us at The Great Outdoors and won our RV Navigator quiz at the potluck. This made us wonder if you were spending this time of year doing the Amazon marathon and got ourselves caught up on your blog. We are delighted to welcome you to the Newmar family and can assure you that your new motorhome will do just fine in AK whenever they finally open that border up. You might recall we went there in 2012 with other podcast listeners. We both drove 40′ Dutch Stars and did just fine the entire trip from May – September. We parked/camped in places near the main roads and used our Jeep to travel all the rough and tricky spots. On the cold and wet days when we hunkered down to wait for the weather to clear, it was much nicer to hunker in 40′ than a smaller domicile. You might check our experiences for route and timing at: http://www.mytripjournal.com/wiseman26

    Hope to see you again at a campground near us. Happy travels!

    PS – Seeing the comment above I should mention we have reservations rolled over from last year at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

    • Ken and Martha – it is great to hear from you!! We continue to eagerly await your podcast every month! We have gone to AZ the last few winters, as we enjoy the lack of humidity. Hopefully the border will open up for travel to Alaska this year, but if not, we will try again next year. We were planning on listening to your Alaska podcasts again when we start our journey north.

      We are excited about joining the Newmar family, and perhaps we will see you at a rally in the not too distant future!

      Take care and “cheers” to the New Year

      Dan and Jonell


  6. The new digs look AESOME !! Wishing you guys, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS , and a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

    Love & Hugs,

    Jer ________________________________

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