Somebody has to update the blog!

Hello everyone, it’s your favorite dog blogger, Makena!

Keeping my peeps informed!

My parents haven’t posted for a while, so I thought it’s time for me to take over and give you an update. We have been in Yuma, Arizona since mid December. My parents have done very little since they arrived (hence the reason for no updates). They are just trying to stay safe, and there is not much going on in the area. All the activities in the park have been cancelled. There have been a few COVID outbreaks in the park, and sadly a few people in the park have died. My grandparents (Dan’s parents) arrived on January 1, for two months, so my parents are being extra careful for their sake.

My big news, as you are all aware from my mom’s last post, is that I have a new house! I love the extra room, bigger bed, and a new way of traveling, for me. When we had the fifth wheel and then the truck camper, I always rode in my kennel, in the back seat of the truck. I didn’t have much of a view, and when we arrived at a new place, I was stuck in my kennel until my parents had set up the RV and opened up the slides. I never knew what was going on. And if it was raining, or cold, I had to go outside, just to get inside our RV. Not fun.

Now, I get to ride in style! The couch has seatbelts, so my kennel is right up front!

I can easily see what is going on, and even look out the front window from my kennel.  My mom doesn’t put me in my kennel until just before we leave – my dad is buckled up before I am.  When we arrive at a new place, I don’t have to go outside, as I’m already “home.”  I have the life of leisure while they work to get things set up, like my food and toys. 


I’m really enjoying having a king size bed again, as it gives me more room at night.

51ecd643-1b7f-4b0d-b841-4018219d9b7bMy parents bought a “new to them”  Honda CR-V to tow behind the motorhome.  I stood in the doorway and barked at it for three days before they finally put me in the car (with my kennel, of course) and took me for a ride.  Once I finally realized that was my new car, I stopped barking at it.  


When it was cold in Colorado, where we bought the RV, my parents had the furnace on.  I discovered that my new favorite place to stay when the heat is on…the bathroom.  I have a rug to lay on, and there is a furnace outlet right under the shower. The heat blows right into my face.  It’s like a spa for dogs!


And speaking of pets and cold, my cousins in Texas had a rough week.  Several days without heat…ugh.  My Aunt LuAnn put sweaters on all three of her dogs, and two cats.  I’m glad they made it through safely, and hope everyone that had to endure that brutal week of cold, without electricity, is doing better.


Next month I will turn 14, and getting old sucks.  First I was losing my hearing and now I’m having issues making it through the night without wetting the bed.  I have no issues during the day, as my parents take me out every few hours.  This past week has not been a good one for my parents and I.  Every night I had a very small accident, and every morning my parents are washing the sheets and mattress pad.   My parents ordered some doggie diapers for me.  After measuring my waist, my mom bought XS female diapers.  Dog diapers have a hole built in for the tail, in case you’re wondering.

2cc7ef3b-5c29-49a8-8547-a41ee55b15f7 I do not like wearing them.  This was my first night with them on. The first night was a disaster, by the way.  Here is my “look of shame.”  

I don’t want my picture taken

I spend half the night on top of the comforter, and the other half under the covers. My parents put down a pee pad under the cover, in case the diaper leaked. The next morning my mom picked me up to take me outside, and said ‘where is your diaper?’ Well, it fell off on the pee pad. The diaper was dry, the pee pad was dry, but not the bed…sorry mom.

The next night (last night), my parents put a new diaper on me, and then added extra tape. As you can see, the diaper is pretty small. The second night was a failure as well. I still ended up peeing on the bed, as the diaper fell off, and I avoided the multiple pee pads my parents put down.


As I said, it’s tough getting old!  Hopefully they can figure this out, so we can all get a good night’s sleep.  (and they don’t have to wash the sheets every day!).


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14 thoughts on “Somebody has to update the blog!

  1. Hey Mac, tell them to order a size small and see if that fits better. No offense, but that looks more like a thong on you, buddy. Glad to hear you like traveling in style and comfort. Love to all, Uncle Pudge

  2. Makena! I’m sorry you are having age related issues. 😢
    Margot will also be 14 and just had 2 teeth pulled. She is dragging those back feet a little, too.
    My mom always said “Growing old ain’t for wimps!” I’m glad you and Margot are not wimps!!

  3. Forget the diapers, just lay several pee pads on the end of the bed. My cousin tells me they are comfortable to sleep on. Miss you, your friend Buddy

    • I miss you too Buddy! You would love the weather here. And the cats are running wild since the park is empty. My mom just ordered a box of 100 pee pads, so they will be covering the bed! Take care


  4. Cooper says “I’m glad I’m only 3! I remember peeing everywhere until I figured out how to go outside. Hopefully you can find a diaper that fits better”
    Nice motorhome, btw. Hopefully you’ll get to travel as things are easing up.

    • Thanks Laurie and Cooper! We are putting off Alaska until 2022, as it looks like another year of this. Although there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel now. Stay safe


  5. Makena, you sure look wonderful! A suggestion – if Makena is also drinking more water, that along with ‘accidents’ at night could be signs of diabetes, so maybe have your vet check you for that. My wienergirl Snitzi Lynne has that, and does fine with two tiny shots a day, followed by treats! Your friend, Louise in TX

  6. Hi Makena, and Jonell and DAN. Glad to hear your all well. I am fine, getting my first Covid shit this week. Hope to be out golfing this year early and able to head to Yuma in November if there is still anything left to go to.
    Big hi to Stu to I still fondly remember so many good rounds with him.
    Take care and stay safe.

    • It’s great to hear from you Lyle. Glad to hear all is well in the Edmonton area. Dan’s parents were here for two months and despite all of the COVID restrictions they had a good time. Both Dan and Stu would have certainly enjoyed playing a few rounds of golf with you. Have a great summer and maybe we will see you sometime in the not too distant future.

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