July 2022 Alaska expenses and Instagram Posts

Another month has gone by, and our vacation time in Alaska will soon be coming to an end. I am woefully behind on blogging, and I promise to catch up. But given the choice between playing tourist, and sitting at a computer with mediocre internet, guess what wins! And by the end of the day I just have little motivation. But I am always current on Instagram.

It’s easy to do posts like this, because I don’t have to sort through and add photos. So here is our monthly tally on expenses.


Since we had less driving and longer campground stays, gas was a reasonable $653.05 for the month, with prices ranging from $5.549/gallon down to $4.799/gallon. Prices continue to decline, and have dropped over $1/gallon since we arrived in Alaska.


Campground costs were a budget buster in July, because we were staying for longer days in popular fishing towns, during peak fishing season. For 31 nights, we spent $1,586.56, at a daily cost of $51.18/night. Are there cheaper options – yes. And there are many places to boondock (camping without hookups).


We spent $475.93 on museums, a sea life center and an excellent boat trip. As with last month, I am not including fishing costs in with entertainment. I will do that at the end.


As you can see from the posts below, there have been a lot of successful fishing trips!

Quote of the day: “A man’s one last cast is like a woman’s ‘I’ll be five minutes.’” – unknown

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