I’m a senior now!

Hello Everyone!  Your favorite dog blogger is back!

makena blogging 2-09-2014

Keeping my peeps informed!



Today is my 9th Birthday!  I am officially a “senior” now!!

 First off, I want to say how happy I am that my grandpa Stu continues to get better and stronger every day!  We share the same date of birth, 70 years apart, so we have a special bond. Happy 79th Birthday Grampa Stu!   I said lots of prayers that he would get better, because I really enjoy going for walks with him.  He is a fast walker, and I have a need for speed!


Keeping my peeps informed!

The last two years, we have been able to get together for our birthday, and have treats and presents.  This year they were unable to make it down to Florida, so cake will have to wait!

DSC00621 (1)

2 years ago



However I did get some treats and presents.  My mom went all out and put everything in a brown paper bag….but it is what’s inside that matters to me!  I love opening gifts.  Once again, I received a multi-squeaker toy…my favorite!  I promptly ripped out 4 squeakers, and then took a nap! (after all, I am a senior now…wonder if I will be getting fed earlier ….?!)

My parents have not been up to much, which works for me.  That means I don’t have to spend long days all by myself.  My mom gets up early to exercise, so I get up as well, and fling toys by her feet.  She has to stop and throw the balls out of the way, so I get about 30 minutes of exercise as well!  Keeps us both in shape!  My parents have also been taking me on daily walks, but this RV Park is small, so I get bored going in circles.  Plus, this year there are a lot of other dogs here, which I don’t like.

IMG_0082 (1)

getting my exercise

It has rained a lot this year in Florida, which has caused a lot of mounds of fire ants around the park.  They keep biting me, and I keep ending up getting baths, because of all the itching it has caused.  Now my parents have put the ‘cone of shame’ on me, to try and keep me from scratching.  I hate it, but they promised not to put it on outside, so the other dogs won’t make fun of me!

FullSizeRender (1)

Cone of Shame!


When it is sunny, I take advantage of the warmth on my belly.  And I get some Vitamin D!  That’s good for dogs too, right?!


I guess we will be leaving Florida in about a week, and heading back to Wisconsin to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  I will miss the warmer weather, but I am ready to continue on in our adventures, and add some more states to my chart of the states I have pooped and peed in!


what happened to TN?


Take care everyone, and Happy Spring!

Quote for the day:  “Dogs have boundless enthusiasm, but no sense of shame.  I should have a dog as a life coach.” – Moby