Spending A Sunny December In Yuma

We’ve been watching the weather around the country, and now we understand why people come to Yuma, Arizona for the winter.  While everyone else has had miserable weather, it’s hard to complain when the temperature “only” gets into the 60’s, and there is a cloud or two in the sky, and no humidity.  The weather is truly the reason to come to this area!

Work continues, with a few minor changes.  One of the gals in the office has left for medical reasons, so now there is just two of us on Thursday – Saturday.  Our office manager has come in to help on busy days.  My coworker and I have commented that we like it now, because it is busier with just two of us, and the work seems to flow better.  We’re not tripping over each other, and the days fly by.  And, bonus, the Arizona minimum wage goes up in January, to $11.00/hour, so we will get a 50 cent an hour pay increase!  We also received holiday pay for Thanksgiving, even though the office was closed.  That was a pleasant surprise!

We are trying to get into the Christmas spirit here, and put up a few decorations in the fifth wheel.  Growing up in Wisconsin, I still have a hard time getting into the spirit when there is no snow on the ground.  We were briefly watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the other night, and Makena wanted nothing to do with Rudolph and barked at the television for several minutes.  I guess she was making fun of Rudolph too?


But all was “calm” once the stockings were hung by the fireplace! It was too warm to have the fireplace on.


Besides work, we have been busy with golfing here at Westwind RV and Golf Resort, and getting together with our friends Dave and Marilyn.

DSC05674 (2)

I’ll have more “fun” things to blog about in future posts, but we did take some time to help them put in a new patio at their house.  It’s projects like these that make us happy to not own a house anymore!  Fortunately, we did this on one of the “cold” days down here.  Work, work, work…


Everything turned out great, and they cooked us a delicious steak dinner (we will work for food!!)


We spent a day in Quartzsite, Arizona, about 70 miles north of Yuma, to visit with friends Terry and Wendy.  We worked with them 3 years ago at Luton’s Teton Cabins in Wyoming.  They have spent the last two summers working at a campground right near the ocean in California, and will go back for another summer in April.  Fortunately, they were not affected by the wildfires this year in California.

It was great catching up with them, and we made plans to get together again in January.  They are in Lake Havasu, Arizona for the winter.


We spent a little bit of time looking at some of the “flea markets” at Quartzsite.  The big RV show will be in January, and we plan on going back to check that out.  At this time of the year, there is not much going on in the town, and the flea markets are mainly rusty junk and rocks.  Lots of rocks for sale!


Buckets and buckets of rocks for sale!


We were watching the funeral service for President George H.W. Bush, and they were showing highlights of life, including footage of his parachute jump at age 90.  After the jump he was interviewed, and I thought that his advice was perfect…

Quote for the Day:  “Get out and do something.  Get out and enjoy life.” – President George H.W. Bush