Goodbye Amazon & Campbellsville, KY

Greetings from stormy Montgomery, Alabama!  Yesterday (Saturday) was our last day of work at Amazon.  After 3 months it was time for hugs and “see you later”.  I don’t do “goodbye” anymore….too sad for me.

We really enjoyed our time at Amazon, as we met lot’s of wonderful people and learned so much on how to live our dream of full-time RV’ing.  It is a good community to belong to.  On our last day, the Camperforce team was having a final meeting at 3:00pm.  Normally we work until 5:00pm.  About 2:40pm, I noticed dozens of smiling folks in their Camperforce t-shirts heading towards the break room for the meeting.  So I logged out of my scanner, put my last tote on the conveyor, and joined the parade of happy people!  Dan joined a few minutes later.

They thanked us again for working for them, and we received a t-shirt and some bags of M&M’s!  Then it was back to the campground, where we prepared for our Sunday morning departure.  We had 2 routes planned, as there were storms and high wind advisory’s in effect.  In the morning we decided to head south thru TN and AL, as it looked like the storm would be going thru Atlanta.  We had perfect weather until we were about 30 miles from Montgomery, AL.  It has been raining like crazy since we arrived.  Makena is hiding somewhere, as there has been a few booms of thunder.

On our way down we enjoyed the delicious Christmas cookies that Dan’s mom had sent to us last week!!  Tonight we can enjoy the Wisconsin cheese from Dan’s sister and brother-in-law!!  (Makena really misses Camp Meyer!)

We weren’t too happy with the rain, but then my sister and my friend Amy sent photos of the snow that was falling back home in Wisconsin.  Yes, we will deal with the rain and 55 degrees!

We plan on staying here for 2 nights, and may go out and play tourist in the Montgomery area tomorrow.  After that, we have not decided where we will end up.  We were hoping to be able to watch the Packers/Steelers game, but they have the Patriots/Ravens game on tv here.  Oh well, it’s better than People’s Court, Divorce Court, America’s Court and Paternity Court that we had endless episodes of in Kentucky on our single channel.

And now for what many have been waiting for…..the final weight loss totals!!  Despite eating more (a lot more!!!) I ended up losing 8 pounds and 5% body fat in the 12 weeks that we were working at Amazon.  But the “biggest loser” was Dan.  He weighed himself this morning, and said he lost at least 20 pounds!!!!  Woo-hooo!!!   (he won’t give a specific number). Makena said she plans on making sure we do plenty of walking with her, so we don’t gain back the weight!!

Quote for the day:  “In two decades I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.”   – Erma Bombeck