Makena’s Musings

Hi everyone, it’s me again!  For our new followers, “me” is Makena, a Jack Russell terrier.  I like to interrupt this blog every once in a while to give my point of view.



When we began this new lifestyle, my parents promised me I would not have to suffer through another cold and snowy winter in Wisconsin.  I was not too impressed with the weather in January in Cedar Key, Florida, although it is better than Wisconsin from what my parents tell me.  However,  I did discover what this lifestyle is all about:  adventure and making new friends.  I am not too fond of other dogs, unless I get to see them a lot, and, they keep their nose out of my butt!  But I did get to meet a new type of friend, a cat!!  At first, Kiki was not too happy to see me, but once she realized I had no interest in chasing her, she seemed to warm up to me.

I love Kiki!

I love Kiki!

Although I did get to go on many long walks in Cedar Key, I wanted to try out kayaking.  Try as I might,  the weather just didn’t get quite warm enough for my parents.  I was ready to go, and hopped in to Kiki’s parents inflatable Sea Eagle kayak. They are animal friendly.   My mom said I needed to put on my life jacket first (yes, I do have one!).

I'm ready to paddle

I’m ready to paddle

But now we are in Orange City, FL for the month.  So far, I am really liking it here, for several reasons:

Weather!!!  finally some hot days to bask in the sun!


Orange City RV Resort has a fenced in play area for dogs, so I can finally play some football again!!!!!

always ready to play

always ready to play!

I love my football!!!

I love my football!!!

And best of all, my grandparents are just a short ride away, so I can get lot’s of hugs and tummy rubs from them. We went to the New Smyrna Beach Dunes park the other day, and I was able to play in the Atlantic Ocean (it is a dog-friendly park, but you still have to wear a leash).

Splish Splash!

Splish Splash!

My grandma took a photo of me with my parents standing along the ocean.  As you can see by the photo, my grandma knows who is more important!  Who cares that she cut their heads off, at least I am in the photo!!!  Oh, and that’s her finger covering the lens on the left, in case you were wondering!!

Grandma Joan's photo skills!

Grandma says I am the important one!

So things are going well.  There are a lot of nice folks in this park as well.  I haven’t seen any cats though.  But the man across the street likes to leave peanuts out for the squirrels, so I see dozens of them everyday!!

Thanks for following along, and I hope to bring you more adventures soon!!


Quote for the day:  “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A Heinlein